Shape, color and size matter: choose a tattoo

Very often, a person’s desire to change, or rather change something in their appearance, stand out from the crowd, emphasize their originality and individuality, leads him to a tattoo master. Drawing various kinds of tattoos on your body is currently quite a popular form of art not only among cutting-edge youth, but also among middle-aged people..

And not only men, but also women are keen on this. But the majority of the older generation consider the drawings on the body to be something like an asocial mark, which they associate with people who have been in prison.

In fact, the art of tattoo has several millennia of history and is found in many nations. If you wish, you can find all the necessary information on this topic on the Internet and make sure that our ancestors were also fond of tattoos.

When going to a tattoo parlor to decorate your body and thinking about how to choose the right tattoo for yourself, it is important to understand that any image has a certain meaning and can influence not only people who will see this beauty, but also on “Carrier” tattoo.

Therefore, choosing what will be depicted on this or that part of your body, it is necessary to be guided not only by the fleeting enthusiasm of the nowadays popular body art and fashion for any specific images, but also by your own feelings. How to choose a tattoo correctly, so as not to be disappointed soon and not want to get rid of it?

How to choose and when to draw?

Experienced tattoo artists and people who have repeatedly resorted to their services, insist that from the moment a person has a desire to get a tattoo and at least three weeks must pass before this idea is realized.

During this time, a person will either finally decide what and where on his body he wants to draw, or he will abandon this undertaking. Such a “waiting technique” and bearing the very idea of ​​decorating your body with a pattern on the skin is an indispensable part of the whole process..

Why? The thing is that 95% of cases of spontaneous tattooing “for company”, “in a state of deep sadness”, “in the euphoria of first love” and other “unstable conditions” end in disappointment.

A few days \ weeks after drawing the picture, when the emotional state returns to normal, a person begins to realize the thoughtlessness of his act and regret his deed.

How to choose a suitable tattoo for a girl or a guy?

In order to make the right choice, special attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Ponder everything carefully and choose the location of your future tattoo. Modern tattooing technologies and tools used for this allow you to “draw” on almost all areas of our body. How to choose a place for a tattoo? First of all, you need to think about whether you want to be seen by others or will show it only to very close people. It is noted that men more often than women put their tattoos on display, while ladies prefer to hide them;
  • Decide on the style of drawing and only then proceed to the choice of the drawing itself. If this seems to you an impossible task, and you do not know how to choose the right style of tattoos, it is better to consult with the master. In most cases, tattoo masters working in salons are good psychologists who can easily select tattoos for clients depending on their desires and state of mind. However, the final decision, of course, should be yours;
  • Choose the size, shape and brightness of the picture. So, a correctly selected multi-colored and bright pattern will be able to show your originality, and a small tattoo hidden from prying eyes will bring information only to the elite. In addition, you need to choose the type of font for the tattoo, if the drawing involves the application of words or numbers.

All existing drawings are conventionally divided into five types: square, triangle, rectangle, circle and zigzag.

Currently, thanks to the Internet, those who want to decorate their body with drawings have the opportunity to find and study all the existing styles of tattooing, the often used font, as well as see photos of finished works and download sketches that can later be submitted to the master and put on your body.

The meaning of the main figures

Which tattoo is better to choose, because each of these forms has its own meaning and carries certain information?

To help those who can’t decide on the type of tattoo and don’t know how to choose a tattoo by their nature, but really want to decorate their body with it, psychologists made a special test, the passage of which will help to choose the most suitable option.

Of the five proposed figures, you must select one or two of the most liked and then get acquainted with the characteristics:

  • The square is preferred by hardworking people, always finishing the job they have begun, persistent in work and very purposeful. In the “squares” everything and always should be in place and accomplished in due time;
  • A rectangle is considered a temporary form of personality that other stable figures can “wear” during certain periods of their lives. These are people seeking a better position. Their leading qualities are inquisitiveness, curiosity, courage and lively interest in everything that happens around;
  • The triangle symbolizes leadership, the ability to concentrate on the main goal. Triangle people are energetic, strong personalities who set clear goals and achieve them, avoiding conflicts;
  • The circle is the most benevolent figure. “Coogies” have high sensitivity, the ability to empathize and sympathize;
  • Zigzags, as a rule, choose creative natures. This is the most enthusiastic and excitable of all the figures. The combination of various completely dissimilar ideas and the creation of something new and original on their basis is the main interest of Zigzags.

In most cases, from the proposed five figures, people choose the two most suitable, which allows you to choose the tattoo pattern as accurately as possible.

Determine the color

When choosing a tattoo, it is important to understand that it will accompany you everywhere and for more than one day, therefore, in addition to choosing the shape and size of the drawing, special attention should be paid to the color scheme in which it will be made.

The color of the picture is extremely important because it can affect the general condition of the body or certain indicators of its vital functions, for example, the rhythm of respiration, heart rate, reaction rate, blood pressure, etc.

Red color helps to cheer up and energize, enhances nervous tension. Use it carefully;

Yellow color stimulates thinking and creativity, attracts and disposes, helps to relieve tension, but its excess can cause anxiety and aggression;

Blue color calms, creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, symbolizes enduring, eternal values, and also suppresses appetite;

Green shades in the tattoo create a business atmosphere and a sense of security, causes associations of reliability, fertility and support;

Violet color relieves excitement, has confidence, normalizes hormone levels.

Despite the rich palette of colors for applying tattoos, black is considered to be an unshakable classic, which creates both very clear lines and soft shadows. This color is equally suitable for a girl and a guy.