How to make Hollywood curls


The classic “star” hairstyle with magnificent volume and incredible brilliance is the dream of every beauty who is about to hit the opposite sex and closest friends. Elegant and beautiful Hollywood curls – the embodiment of the standard of beauty, fashion that came from red carpet. Her popularity has turned a head to many beauties.

Playful Hollywood locks give an exquisite charm to the image of any girl, complementing a luxurious evening dress and chic shoes.

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How to make Hollywood curls

What will be needed for styling

  1. round brush (brushing) with an average diameter;
  2. a comb with a thin long handle;
  3. hair dryer (its experts recommend using with a hub nozzle);
  4. styler (ironing);
  5. clamps.
  6. foam for hair, giving volume and splendor to the hair;
  7. a spray that fixes a luxurious hairstyle;
  8. serum, caring for the ends of the hair, preventing cross-section, as well as giving smoothness and flawless appearance to the entire surface of the hair.
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How to make Hollywood curls

Styling preparation

Hollywood style styling can be done on both long and short hair.
If in the first option you can make the largest possible curls, then with medium or short hair, it will have to be slightly reduced to get the desired result.

Before you start creating hairstyles, decide on the parting, because after you make the curls it can no longer be changed, otherwise you will get the usual sloppy curls. Most often, parting is done on the side so that the main part of the hair is on one side, but you can choose a parting in the middle. It is better to create a Hollywood hairstyle with the help of an iron, thanks to it, the hair will be smooth and shiny.

Any hair styling option involves their initial washing and drying with a towel. After the procedure, we will collect the hair on the back of the head, leaving a small strand along the lower contour of the hairline, fixing the top with a clip or comb.

Then it is necessary to apply heat-protective foam or mousse for volume on slightly damp hair along the entire length of the strand, and sprinkle on top with a latch to fix the curls (spray). The hair will become denser and heavier to the touch, but they cannot be glued due to excessive application of such products.

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How to make Hollywood curls

We take brashing and carefully comb several times the future curl from the very roots of the hair, which will give them additional volume in the finished hairstyle.
We dry the raised strand with a hairdryer with a hub (nozzle), periodically scrolling under the brush.

We separate the strands from each other in turn, stacking them in the same way: apply foam, spray, comb and dry in an elevated position with a hairdryer.

After proper drying of the hair – preparation for styling Hollywood curls, we proceed to the main process.

How to create Hollywood curls

After properly drying your hair and preparing for styling Hollywood curls, we proceed to the main process.

A strand of hair located in front, we wrap it up and dry it from below with a hairdryer with a nozzle to get the perfect “Hollywood wave”.

Again, we fix the bulk of the hair on the top of the head and leave one small strand free. Take a styler and grab a free strand as close to the roots as possible..

We turn the iron down, wrapping a future curl around it.
Gently, slowly rotate it, stretching down to the ends of the hair.

We wrap the prepared curl on the finger and quickly, without allowing the hair to cool, we fix it with a clip at the roots of the hair.

We wind all the curls in turn, in one direction (down), securing with clamps. In this case, the elegance of Hollywood curls will be guaranteed.

Wait for the hair to cool and lock the curls, then you can remove the clips.

We comb each lock several times with our fingers..

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How to make Hollywood curls

If you want to achieve natural curls, you need to relax your hair by combing it with brushing. Do not spare the created beauty, combing will not only add volume to the hairstyle, but also give lightness and naturalness to curls.

We blow dry each strand, spinning it with brush, for about a few seconds.

We prepare a perfectly even parting (this season, stylists emphasized the right side, although any woman knows which side her parting looks better).

The finishing touch will be the application of a smoothing serum that creates the very glamorous gloss and Hollywood chic.

We correct our curls with our hands, highlighting romantic curls and fix the charming hairstyle with varnish. The super-fashionable “starry” and at the same time feminine hairstyle is ready!

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How to make Hollywood curls

Tips and tricks: how to make Hollywood curls

Make curls in one direction, then they will neatly lie in the finished hairstyle

If you make curls with a hair iron, then take a small strand, about 2 cm, and grab it with a hair iron as close to the roots as possible, then turn it down so that the curl is wrapped around it and stretch along the length.

The resulting curl can be wound on a finger and secured with a clip, then the hairstyle will last longer.

If you do styling with a curling iron, then starting from the roots, twist the strand onto the curling iron and then without loosening the curl, fix it with a clamp.

When all the curls are ready to loosen the hair and go over it with a comb with rare teeth and lay in the desired shape.

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