How to make lips puffy?

Why do men like puffy lips? The answer is simple: big lips are a symbol of a woman’s sensuality and sexuality. In the article, we will tell you how to make lips puffy at home, without resorting to radical measures.

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How to make lips puffy?

Modern medicine offers a large number of tools and manipulations aimed at correcting and enlarging the lips. However, not all the fair sex can afford to resort to plastic surgery. If you prefer naturalness and do not want surgery, try to enlarge your lips yourself.

The most affordable way to make lips voluminous is good care. It is very important that special cosmetic products are used for daily procedures that enrich the skin with nutrients.

Creams, lotions and balms are optional; you can prepare them yourself from natural ingredients.

Lip Masks

Masks will help to make puffy lips without surgery.

Honey mask. Mix one teaspoon of honey, shea butter, and rose oil. Add a few drops of lemon. Apply the mask to pre-cleansed skin. The procedure is best done at night. The result of using the mask is smooth elastic lips.

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How to make lips puffy?

Cayenne pepper mask. A couple drops of any essential oil with a warming effect, half a spoon of petroleum jelly, 8 crushed tablets of nicotinic acid and a third of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. The mixture is applied exactly for a minute and washed off. Due to the ability of hot pepper to activate capillary circulation, after using the mask, the lips will become puffy and increase in volume.

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How to make lips puffy?

Mask with mint. The principle of action of this tool is similar to a mask with pepper. Peppermint oil enhances blood circulation in the tissues of the lips, increasing their volume and creating a seductive volume.

An emergency option is how to make lips puffy at home: in turn, apply ice and a napkin dipped in hot water to them. The result can be enhanced by parallel light massage..

How often can I make masks?

There are practically no restrictions on the use of masks. Homemade masks are good because they use natural ingredients for their preparation. However, it is important to consider the fact that masks and massage are contraindicated, if any;

  • damage (scratches, scars, cuts);
  • inflammation, including herpetic eruptions;
  • allergic reactions.

You can apply masks three times a week, as well as on the eve of an important event.

Use of cosmetics

Visually, you can make a smile more voluminous without resorting to massage or masks. Make lips puffy with cosmetics. Your “weapon” in the fight for a seductive smile will be a contour pencil, lipstick and shine. It is important to remember that the shade of the pencil should match the tone of the lipstick as much as possible. If you use a pencil of a darker shade, you can get the opposite effect – a vulgar smile of a small volume.

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How to make lips puffy?

There are several tricks, using which even thin lips can be made visually larger. Before lipstick, outline the contour of the upper lip with a white cosmetic pencil and apply a foundation that matches the skin tone as closely as possible. Next up is lipstick or gloss. The effect of this simple technique is really amazing! By the way, stars often use this trick to make their upper lip puffier..

It should be noted that when choosing cosmetics, you should give preference to lipstick and shine of light shades with a glossy or satin effect, also use special magnifying agents or plamera. With their help, you can make natural lips more sexy and puffy..

Lip gymnastics

Make lips visually puffy is possible not only with cosmetics. The effect of increased volume can also be achieved with the help of special exercises. Of course, this method is not so fast, but its effectiveness lasts much longer. There is a simple but effective set of exercises with which you can achieve a lasting effect of lip volume increase.

A set of exercises for the lips

  1. Open your mouth a little, stick out your tongue as much as possible and count to five.
  2. Take in more air by the cheeks and close your mouth tightly. Try to make chewing movements while moving your lips in all directions.
  3. Pull out your lips with a tube, open your mouth a little, and then close your lips as tightly as possible.
  4. Puff out your cheeks strongly, gradually blew out air in short jerks, so that vibration is felt at the moment of exhalation.
  5. Whistle your favorite song daily for five minutes.
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How to make lips puffy?

According to reviews, in order to make lips puffy at home, it is necessary to perform each exercise daily 10-15 times for 3-4 weeks. When doing gymnastics, it is very important not to stretch the skin near the mouth so as not to get additional wrinkles along with the increased volume.

Are you experiencing thin lips? Forget about this problem!

Becoming the owner of a seductive smile without surgery is quite simple today. It’s enough to use our tips on how to make puffy lips at home without much effort.!

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