Why hair turns gray in young people and how to stop the process


Normally, men begin to turn gray at 30-35 years old, women – at 40-45. But these are average indicators. In practice, quite often gray hair can be seen in very young girls at 30, 25 and even at 18 years old. Regardless, you are 20 years old or under 40, finding your first gray hair is unpleasant at any age.

Why hair turns gray?

As you know, the color intensity of hair is genetically determined and depends on the presence of the melanin pigment, which is produced by special cells – melanocytes. They are sitting at the base of the hair. Melanocytes are synthesized by the action of the copper-containing tyrosinase enzyme. The process of “natural” staining occurs constantly and, as soon as the production of tyrosinase is reduced or stopped, hydrogen peroxide is formed in the bulb (due to which unnatural blondes bleach), which, as it were, “pigments” the hair from the hair.

The moment the tyrosinase production begins to decline is most often genetically determined, but also external factors influence it..

There are many causes of early gray hair and one of the most frequent is constant experiences that accompany young and inexperienced. In adulthood, any offense is perceived with a degree of skepticism, but it’s very easy to offend an unprotected and not coarse soul – and the result of such experiences is earlier graying of hair.


The main causes of early gray hair

Stress. Even the first unhappy love can be one of the most intense emotional stresses and can add a few gray hairs, or even strands. These include feelings about learning, negativity and neglect of adults, compensating for their internal inferiority to younger, betrayal of close friends. The reasons for listing can be long, it’s enough to understand: it’s very difficult for young people to take root in the adult world.

Diseases. The cause of early gray hair can be various kinds of diseases of the blood, liver, kidneys, heart, atherosclerosis, disorders of the thyroid gland, hormonal disorders. Although at a young age the body recovers faster than in the elderly, the consequences may well affect the condition of the hair. If there is a disease – do not postpone the visit to the doctor “for tomorrow”. Health is more important than any emergency.

Avitaminosis. Even such a simple thing as a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can negatively affect the condition of hair follicles and their pigmentation. Because of this, hair can begin to turn gray. Having discovered the cause in time, this process can be stopped, and the hair can be restored with natural pigment..

Hard diets. Irreversible harm is having a fashion for losing weight. Finding a long time on a protein-free diet is especially bad for hair condition. Young girls are starving, not realizing that each person has his own constitution, provided for by nature. Lucky if only a few gray hairs are paid.

UV exposure. Prolonged exposure to the sun, abuse of tanning in the solarium also cause early gray hair. The sun’s rays or lamps dry the hair, thin it and deprive of natural pigmentation. Therefore, while under the sun, the hair should be protected by a hat.

Tyrosinase enzyme deficiency. There is another no less unpleasant factor, as a result of which the hair begins to turn gray early. The body gradually stops producing melanin due to a lack of the tyrosinase enzyme.

How to prevent the appearance of gray hair

As the saying goes “you need to protect your health from a young age”, this also applies separately to the health of the hair. To prevent the appearance of early gray hair, you must adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Eat right and balanced. Your diet should include foods that are good for your hair: red meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, cereals, herbs and fruits.
  • Avoid stress. Do not succumb to negative emotions and protect yourself from communication with negative people; if this is not possible, erect a mental “wall” and do not react to taunts and attacks;
  • Take a complex of vitamins and minerals. Once every six months for 1-2 months, take vitamin therapy, taking folic and para-aminobenzoic acid, vitamins A, E, C and group B. It is useful to drink a course of dry yeast with zinc, iron and copper.


  • Do scalp massage. For 5 minutes daily, while washing or combing, massage the scalp, activating the flow of blood to the hair follicles.
  • Protect your hair from the sun. Regardless of whether you are going to the beach or just taking a walk on a sunny day, always wear a hat.

Treatment for early gray hair

Do not worry if the hair began to turn gray at a young age, this process can be successfully stopped in the following ways:

  • a course of mesotherapy with oligoelements, B vitamins, amino acids, copper peptides, antioxidants;
  • injections of 25% magnesia (the decision on the need for such treatment and its duration is made by a trichologist);
  • physiotherapy: electrical stimulation, darsonvalization, laser therapy – such procedures activate metabolic processes in the scalp.
  • folk remedies: masks from burdock and castor oil, decoctions of nettle, tincture of red pepper.

More than once I had to watch how, when they saw a gray hair, many immediately pulled it out. This can not be done, since gray hair is transmitted to nearby bulbs. I want to get rid of it – cut the hair that turned gray with manicure scissors near the scalp.

The appearance of gray hair is an unpleasant surprise at any age. Especially in modern times, when life makes you stay young for as long as possible. Fortunately, if you are still very young, this process can be stopped.