Elosoepilation: wonderful hair removal!

The problem of unwanted hair removal is urgent for modern women, as fashion trends unambiguously favor clean and smooth skin. Elosoepilation, which is one of the new generation techniques in cosmetology, helps to achieve this state today..

What this procedure is and how it works, you can find in our article today..

What is Elos

Elosoepilation is a modern method of hair removal, which involves quick and effective disposal of the “coat”. Using innovative technologies allows you to make the hair removal procedure safe, fast and as comfortable as possible..

The principle of operation of the Elos technology is based on a harmonious combination of light and radio wave energy, as a result of which waves of a certain length are formed and provide a deep, painless removal of hair in a specified location.

According to cosmetologists, elosoepilation today is one of the best methods that destroy the structure of hairs and allow to prevent their occurrence again. Thus, Elos hair removal makes it possible to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and for a long time.!

How is the procedure

An Elos hair removal session is a specialized cosmetic procedure that is carried out by a certified specialist using a special device. Therefore, at home elosoepilation is more a myth than reality..

Before the start of the procedure, the cosmetologist treats the required area of ​​the skin with a cooling gel, which has a high light transmittance, and then processes each hair follicle with strong flashes of light at short intervals.

During the procedure, the treated area of ​​the skin is cooled, which helps to minimize pain. And control over the intensity of exposure to the skin makes it possible to eliminate the negative impact and avoid damage to the skin.

The result of a successful procedure is:

  • Lack of hair;
  • Smooth as a baby’s skin;
  • The ability to avoid irritation;
  • Production of skin elastin and collagen.

 important factor,  You can not sunbathe and carry out hair removal in the two weeks preceding the procedure. During this period, it is worth avoiding deep peeling with chemicals, and also refrain from cosmetic injections. It is worth starting the procedure with an optimal hair length of 1-2 mm.

Care Features

After passing the session, experts strongly recommend that you avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays and completely refuse to visit the solarium. In addition, it is necessary to lubricate the places of epilation with sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

Also, for three days after the session, you can not visit the sauna and for two weeks exclude the conduct of deep chemical peeling. In addition, within 2 hours after the end of the procedure, it is not recommended to wet the hair removal zone, and also to abandon the use of alcohol tonics.

Important BUT!

For the success of the procedure, it is also necessary to consider several important factors. Therefore, if you are preparing to go to the beautician’s appointment, read this list so that you don’t blame the master in case of failure.

Epilation of Elos may not work if:

  • You are taking birth control pills;
  • Use hormone-containing spirals;
  • Be in a state of extreme stress;
  • You are experiencing a period of acute hormonal adjustment (pregnancy, breastfeeding, abortion, menopause);
  • Have chronic diseases of the adrenal gland, thyroid gland, or disorders in the hypothalamus.

All these reasons directly affect the quality of the hair removal, and successful hair removal directly depends on them..


However, the method of elosoepilation also implies a number of contraindications, which must be studied before going to the cosmetologist. As a rule, this is a list of diseases that significantly affect the immune system and can cause side effects for a weakened body.

Therefore, it is better to abandon the procedure if:

  • you expect a baby or breastfeed;
  • suffer from hypertension;
  • have problems with the thyroid gland;
  • use anticoagulants and often encounter thrombosis;
  • you have various dermatological infections that affect the integrity of the skin;
  • the list of chronic diseases includes porphyria or systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • there are large, overgrown scars on the skin;
  • moles characteristic of the precancerous condition are observed;
  • you are allergic to sunlight or cold;
  • metal implants are present in the area of ​​the procedure;
  • heart muscle stimulator installed.

We have indicated the main list of contraindications for elosoepilation, but if you know about any individual features of your body and doubt the safety of the procedure, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

If you are interested in bikini, axillary hollows or hair removal in the chest area, then you must first visit a mammologist and undergo an ultrasound examination. This will avoid possible health problems and identify contraindications..

Will the hair go back?

Many girls are concerned about the question of whether to resume hair growth in the future. Since only the hair follicles in the active growth phase enter the zone of influence of the Elos procedure, the removal procedure is uneven.

For example, up to 65% of them can be on their face at one time, therefore, upper lip liposuction is carried out in a faster time. Legs are less fortunate in this, only 20% of hair can be in the phase of active growth here at a time, so the number of procedures requires much more.

The next session is carried out when sleeping follicles go into the growth period and are also processed by the device. Pre-removed hairs no longer grow. Reviews of the girls suggest that over time, only a light fluff can appear at the epilation site, which can be very successfully removed using conventional means of depilation.

Comparison with other types of hair removal

Today, in addition to the Elos operation, there are two more methods of hair removal that are quite popular among women: laser hair removal and photoepilation.

Consider the main differences between these procedures:

Unlike photoepilation, Elos hair removal makes it possible to get rid of all types of hair, regardless of their location. Photoepilation involves only the removal of gray hair and light-colored hair;

  • The possibilities of light hair removal can get rid of unwanted vegetation only for 1-2 years, and after hair growth is almost restored. Elosoepilation contributes to the complete destruction of the hair follicle and after passing 8-10 procedures helps to completely prevent the appearance of hair in the future, regardless of the areas of the procedure;
  • The main difference between laser and elosoepilation is the comfort of the procedure. But Elos hair removal is practically painless, while using a laser causes unpleasant sensations, although it shows good results on dark hair.

Thus, using the method of elosoepilation, you can successfully get rid of unwanted hair in 8-12 sessions. The duration of the result depends on the individual characteristics of the human hormonal system.

Someone manages to permanently remove the intrusive hairs, and someone observes a not very long-lasting effect from the procedure. In any case, it’s worth a try, because elosoepilation has quite flattering reviews! Be healthy and attractive.!