The safest and most effective tattoo removal methods for various parts of the face

With their inventions, modern cosmetology tirelessly pleases women. They allow us to become more beautiful and more perfect, and some of these inventions also make it possible to save time on this. So tattooing is one of such “gifts” from cosmetologists. But what if, for whatever reason, you need to get rid of the “induced beauty”? In this case, only removal of the tattoo, which requires a responsible approach, will help..

This procedure is perhaps more complicated than its stuffing, and today there are quite a few ways to produce it. Which one to choose to return to its former natural beauty, not distorted by unpleasant traces, scars?

What it is?

Probably any woman living in the 21st century, at least once heard the word “tattoo”, but adherents of naturalness rarely use it.

They also call it permanent cosmetics. It is done for eyebrows, lips, eyelids, to shape them, give shape and color.

This is very convenient, because thanks to such cosmetics you need to spend much less time on makeup.

The principle of its filling is similar to the principle of tattooing with the difference that in the case of the latter, the paint penetrates deep into the dermis and is more difficult to reduce, and by itself it is unlikely to come off, it can only burn out a little with time. As for tattooing, the material does not penetrate so deeply, it disappears on its own, but this can happen both within a couple of years, and within 5-6 years.

But what if the uniform makeup of lips, eyebrows or eyelids managed to become boring and I want to change something? In this case, you can’t do without information.

How it’s done?

There are a number of ways that will get rid of permanent cosmetics. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, which you should learn about before making your choice..

Chemical method using removers

This method was invented in the USA at the end of the last century. A remover is used for it – a chemical substance containing a certain pigment. The composition and structure of it are similar to the composition and structure of the paint used to create permanent makeup.

In the interaction of paint and pigment, a chemical reaction occurs, due to which the first is pushed out of the skin.

The procedure for tattoo removal, for which a remover is used, is carried out in this way:

  • The place where permanent cosmetics was applied is treated with an antiseptic and anesthetized;
  • By means of an empty needle designed for these purposes, the treated area is damaged;
  • Further, this area is covered by a remover;
  • As a result of the procedure, a crust appears on this place, which eventually disappears along with the tattoo paint for the eyelids, lips or eyebrows.

If the mixing is carried out by an experienced specialist and a strong remover is used, you can completely get rid of the paint.

The main disadvantage of this method is that the substance essentially burns the skin, so you need to work with it as carefully as possible. In this regard, the chemical removal of permanent makeup is not recommended to do on their own.


This technique is quite simple to perform. Flesh-colored paint is selected and applied over permanent cosmetics. In the first few weeks after this event, the effect really persists, but later the pigment color begins to change, becoming whitish, creamy or yellowish. In addition, the old makeup is visible through it..

In addition to the fact that this method is not very effective, it will also be almost impossible to remove clarified tattoo with a laser.

Surgical method

It is considered quite effective. Using a scalpel, the skin is excised at the site of the tattoo. After the procedure, you will have to wait for a while until this area heals. It is done under local anesthesia..

The method allows you to completely remove permanent makeup, but there is one significant drawback – depending on the skill level and individual characteristics of the body, the healing of scars can take a long time, and in some cases the scars remain forever.

Electric Shock Removal

The method is considered very effective. Electrocoagulation takes very little time. Often it is possible to reduce the tattoo in one trip to a specialist. As a rule, there are no burns after the procedure, but there are exceptions. In rare cases, the scars remain and heal for a long time. Nevertheless, due to electrocoagulation, permanent cosmetics are completely removed..

Laser output

This method is currently considered optimal, although it causes a lot of controversy and controversy..

Despite this, more and more girls stop at it because of its effectiveness and the fact that there are no scars left after the event.

Using a laser beam, the pigment is crushed, and then displayed. The penetration depth of the beam when removing the tattoo using a laser and its diameter is determined individually for each case.

The following factors influence this:

  • Saturation of the paint. If it is inserted deep into the skin, it will be very difficult to reduce permanent makeup;
  • Type of face. The beam can be scattered on the swarthy skin, which makes it difficult to achieve the effect, but fair-skinned girls are more likely to have laser tattoo removal, regardless of whether they are eyebrows, lips or eyelids;
  • Pigment color. Mixing light paint is usually a very difficult task, and in some cases completely unsolvable. But the laser copes with dark paint much better.

The disadvantages of the procedure:

  • High price. The event will be expensive, so not everyone can afford it;
  • Duration As a rule, one procedure is not enough to remove the tattoo of lips, eyelids or eyebrows with a laser, so you will have to visit a specialist several times, and the time interval between sessions is about 1.5-2 months;
  • Soreness. The vast majority of women who use a laser, assure that the event delivers a very unpleasant sensation. True, this drawback is compensated by the fact that it is carried out under local anesthesia..


Performing this procedure at home is not recommended, because it can be a dangerous and traumatic activity that does not always give results..

However, in the absence of another option, you can try to do it yourself.

Often iodine (5% solution) is used for the event. Dampen a cotton swab in the medication and wipe it with the desired area, making literally 2-3 movements in one session. Do this for a month three times a day. To carefully remove the crust that will form, use a special cream or ointment.

In no case do not rip it off, otherwise the scars are unlikely to be avoided. Note that this method does not guarantee that the permanent paint will be removed efficiently and completely. Besides, if used improperly, you risk a burn.

Sometimes, to remove tattoo, eyebrows, lips or eyelids are carried out at home with special tools purchased in the salon. Over time, the paint will become lighter, spread out, but you should not count on the fact that it will completely disappear. It is not worth using the product for too long and often in the hope of obtaining a more tangible result – this can also result in skin damage..

Currently, creams are used specifically for removing tattoo. The principle of its action is similar to the action of the remover. They are quite effective, but the mixing process can take from one to several months..

Before choosing a particular tattoo removal technique, consult a specialist. Based on your makeup and skin type, he will determine which technique is best for you..