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Thin and rare hair – prevention and treatment

There can be many factors affecting the health of hair, but those whom nature has endowed with luxurious hair will hardly think about them. But the owners of thin and rare hair will definitely try to find the root cause in order to rectify the situation..

Why are hair thinning and how to help them

There are several explanations for this alarming process:

  • environmental impact;
  • heredity;
  • disease;
  • addictions;
  • improper care.

If the scalp on your head has lost its former appeal due to bad genes or due to a past illness, most likely you will have to come to terms with what is left.

In other cases, you may well be able to help yourself, or seek the advice of a trichologist. Thin hair is treated using a systematic approach, which consists of many sequential actions:

  • Balanced food.
  • Delicate care, including the use of combs made of wood.
  • Proper washing.
  • Vitamin nourishment (inside and out).
  • The exact choice of hair type.
  • Scalp massage.

If hair weakens and falls out due to addiction to strong drinks and cigarettes, exclude these provocative factors from your life..

Diet, cosmetics and more

If more hair is left on the comb every day, pay attention to how you eat. Are there enough Vitamin A foods on your table? These are cottage cheese, carrots, nuts, sea fish, liver, oats, cheese, sorrel and eggs.


Thin hair gets dirty quickly, so you have to wash it often. And you need to do this, armed with shampoos that add volume: such products contain a minimum of fatty components.

Drying your head is better without a hair dryer, whose hot air is able to further thin the hair. If you can’t do without styling, apply light sprays and mousses to the base of the strands, abandoning heavy gels and wax. Please note that irons and curling irons are enemies of thin hair.

Do not forget about scalp massage, due to which blood rushes to the hair follicles: it is performed with fingertips in a circle (from the temples to the back of the head).

Dyeing and cutting for such hair are also carefully selected: for dark tones, prefer highlighting, it is better to cut your hair in the technique “cascade”.

A panacea for thinning hair – home masks. For example, this: mix a tablespoon of gelatin with water (3 tbsp. Tablespoons). Combine the composition with a single dose of shampoo and wash your hair. They will become lush, soft and smooth..

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