What foods cause acne

For several years, dermatologists and nutritionists have been discussing the relationship between the appearance of acne (acne) in adults and the presence of milk in the diet. Hollywood dermatologist Nigma Talib, trusted by her faces Kate Bosworth and Olivia Mann, argues that there really is a connection.

What foods does acne come from?

Moreover, she released a book in which she conditionally divided various skin problems into several types: “milk face”, “gluten-free face”, “wine face” and “sugar face”. Talib is sure: removing a group of certain products from the diet (sugar, alcohol, dairy products), you can change the skin beyond recognition, in the best sense of the expression, of course.


Why milk causes acne

Indeed, studies have shown that hormones in milk, and especially in skim milk, provoke acne on the face. A study at Harvard University of Public Health is striking: 44% of the 47,000 girls who regularly consume skim milk have acne and acne! At the same time, refusing milk for a month dramatically changes the condition of their skin – the number of rashes is reduced by half.


In general, to drink or not to drink is a personal question for everyone, but one thing is definitely worth considering: you should always monitor the reaction of your body to certain products! We never know which hormone or preservative has been added to a safe for the waist, but unsafe for the skin fat-free latte..