Whitening of intimate zones: how is the procedure carried out, what means are used?

Often, women are faced with the problem of pigmentation (darkening) in sensitive areas. She makes her own body shy, sometimes even causes the appearance of complexes, selects a feeling of impeccability. This problem is solvable. There are many modern methods that allow whitening of intimate areas. Folk cosmetology also offers its own methods of getting rid of the problem..

Before choosing a method suitable for yourself, you should study the effectiveness of each of them. Despite the seeming harmlessness, some of the methods can have a traumatic effect on the skin..

Causes of Darkening

It is important to find out what exactly causes pigmentation – perhaps there are other problems that you should pay attention to in parallel with getting rid of darkening of the skin.

The reasons may be as follows:

Excess weight, due to which the skin areas of the inner thighs rub against each other. As a result of this, redness and infection occur. Over time, the skin becomes rougher and darker;

Hormonal disorders;

Wrong linen. Firstly, if it is made from non-natural fabrics, allergies can occur. Secondly, linen with the wrong size or fit may rub;

Hypersensitivity to the skin;

Age related changes.

In addition, medications, dermatological diseases, inflammation, trauma, a genetic predisposition, the use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy can be the provocateurs of spots in intimate places..

If the problem of browning is not a natural physiological process, it is necessary to solve it so that it does not return. This is necessary to protect the body from the development of various diseases..

Before proceeding to the procedures, you should visit a dermatologist who will identify the causes and confirm or exclude the presence of diseases.

How to fix the problem

Regardless of the chosen method of clarification, this procedure always involves the removal of the upper layer of the epidermis, so that the desired result.

At its core, these manipulations are peeling. You can produce them yourself or by contacting specialists.

Previously, women used products that contain salicylic acid, phenol. Mercury ointment was also used..

Currently, leading cosmetologists recommend using cosmetics containing the following components:

  • Hydroquinone;
  • Lactic acid;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Azelaic acid;
  • Glycolic acid.

Also effective are preparations containing parsley, cucumber, bearberry extract.

Salon Whitening

Often, women prefer to turn to professional cosmetologists who will perform the procedure in the salon. Experts carry out peeling, after which the process continues at home with the use of special creams.

Usually they are intended for use within 2 weeks with a frequency of 2 times a day. The skin should rest from peeling, and subsequent procedures are carried out after three days after it.

Accordingly, resorting to the services of professionals, you still have to independently complete the process. But if you decided to do intimate whitening in the salon, the peeling will be done in a high-quality manner, and the risk of injuries will be reduced to a minimum.

Solving the problem at home

Most women opt for this option. As a rule, a cream containing the necessary components is selected for this. Each of the products offered by the modern cosmetic industry has a different cost, duration of use, necessary to achieve a result, composition, method of application.

Before you purchase a cream, pay attention to its components, instructions for use, find out what is the principle of its action. Remember that this type of cosmetics must contribute to exfoliation of the dermis.

Consider several recommendations that should be followed using any cream:

  • As a rule, the product is applied to body parts twice a day, but be sure to read the instructions before use – it is possible that your chosen cosmetics should be used in a different mode;
  • Avoid contact with eyes;
  • Regardless of which cream for whitening the skin of intimate areas you have chosen, you should avoid getting the sun’s rays on it and, accordingly, tanning;
  • Apply the product in a thin layer to avoid irritation, allergies. For the same purpose, study the concentration of the main component – it should not be very high;
  • Do not use cosmetics if there are open wounds, abrasions on the treated areas;
  • If you find an allergic reaction in the form of a rash, redness, itching, stop using the cream, and when the cover is restored, pick up other cosmetics.

The variety of creams today is huge, but there are funds that have been proven over the years. Among them is the cream of the Bulgarian manufacturer Akhromin. It includes lactic acid, water, lanolin, paraffin, glycerin, sodium chloride, Trilon B.


The main component of cosmetics is hydroquinone, which is the most effective substance for whitening. It is toxic, therefore it is prohibited for use in several countries of the world..

At present, you can find a cream on sale, in the manufacture of which this component is replaced with other components that have a similar effect. Nevertheless, “Achromin”, containing hydroquinone, is most often used for intimate whitening.

Before using it, be sure to read the instructions, use the tool, strictly following the recommendations indicated in it. Sometimes a cream can cause allergies, so visit a dermatologist before use. Pregnant women, as well as during lactation, can not use it.

Folk cosmetology

Whitening of intimate areas is carried out at home and with the use of folk cosmetics, proven over the years..

Hydrogen Peroxide. Combine these components in a proportion of 0.5 tsp. and 1 tbsp. l accordingly, apply the mixture to the desired area of ​​the body for 3-5 minutes. The procedure must be performed twice a week. The course is no more than 12 procedures. Before using the product, apply it on your wrist – in the absence of redness, itching and other unpleasant sensations, you can use the mixture at home for sensitive areas.

Cucumber. Vegetable should be grated, combined with a cream that has nutritional properties. Apply the resulting mixture to gauze or soft cloth and apply to the skin for 10 minutes.

Parsley. Cut the greens with a knife, squeeze juice out of it (1 teaspoon is needed), combine it with the same amount of lemon juice, add 1 tbsp to the liquid. l sour cream and apply the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes. This procedure is carried out at home for 4 days, and then a break is required.

Coffee grounds. It is necessary to mix the substance with lemon juice in equal parts, apply the resulting slurry to the delicate area and gently massage for 5 minutes. Then the mixture is washed off with warm water. Next, apply cream to this area to care for dry skin. The procedure is repeated until the effect is achieved twice a week..

White clay. This recipe involves processing a mixture of cosmetic white clay and cucumber juice. The components are combined in such a proportion that the substance is so thick that it will not allow it to spread. Cucumber juice can be replaced with strawberry or parsley juice.

Lemon juice is added to the mixture in the amount of a few drops. Apply the pulp on the skin, after peeling, for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water, apply cream to the treated area.

Juice of wild strawberry, grapefruit, birch, pomegranate. They can be added when making cosmetics at home to whiten intimate areas according to other recipes. They include acids, due to which the skin is lightened. After applying the juice, it is necessary to treat the skin with cream.

You can use one of the listed methods to get rid of the pigmentation problem by choosing the optimal one for yourself.