What should be the care for sensitive skin?

Conventionally, facial skin is divided into four main types: dry, combination, normal and oily. Each of them has its own structural features, so face care should correspond to a certain type of skin, especially if it is also hypersensitive. Some people mistakenly believe that sensitive skin? it is a separate type, but in reality it is not.

Sensitive skin differences

Hypersensitivity? This is an abnormal reaction of the epidermis to the following irritants:

solar radiation;

hard water;

cosmetical tools;


spicy food.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed, therefore, sensitive skin care should be appropriate..

Types of sensitivity of the epidermis

According to the degree of reaction to external influences, several main types of skin can be distinguished:

Thin and sensitive. Dryness and tightness? the main features of this type;

Annoying. Reacts to almost any external stimuli: frost, sun, strong wind, applying powder or foundation;

Hypersensitive. The epidermis begins to peel and crack at the slightest external impact;

Prone to an allergic reaction. Urticaria occurs from exposure to the sun, frost and even cosmetics.

If you find yourself in any of the above signs of too sensitive facial skin, you should definitely start the course of its recovery, otherwise the consequences can be disastrous. To cope with the problem, you should initially determine your skin type. And only then look for ways to eliminate the trouble.

Why does the epidermis become sensitive?

The problem arises if the sebaceous glands form too little fat to protect the face..

In such a situation, even the smallest irritants can cause a negative reaction and worsen the epidermis.

Many dermatologists blame this on poor ecology, heredity, malnutrition and inadequate care. But you can get rid of this problem if you apply special face creams with very sensitive skin. They will provide a sufficient level of moisture to the face and contribute to the regeneration of epidermal cells. However, to achieve good results, you need to follow a certain pattern of use of cosmetics.

What should be the care?

First of all, the approach should be comprehensive, only real improvements are possible. You can not use only one moisturizer, it will not significantly improve the situation.

The recovery process must be carried out in several stages:

Cleansing. It should be washed only with warm and not chlorinated, but spring or mineral water. And in the evening, a special milk should be used to remove cosmetics. It gently cleanses the face and does not harm the epidermis. When using a tonic, it is worth giving preference only to those products that do not contain alcohol;

Moisturizing. Since sensitive skin is often dry, it must be nourished with moisture. Therefore, in the morning it is necessary to apply a light day cream, which will contain not only moisturizing components, but also those that contribute to the softening of fats. In the summer, it is worth choosing products with UV protection;

Peeling. By nature, sensitive skin is too thin, so the use of any exfoliating products can negatively affect its condition;

Night care. Before going to bed, the face should be lubricated with a cream that will contribute to the regeneration of epidermal cells. As a rule, it is denser and fatter than daytime in consistency, so it should be used only at night;

Decorative cosmetics. Before applying foundation, powder or lipstick to your face, make sure that they are hypoallergenic. In such a situation, it is best to give preference to decorative means with medicinal properties;

Masks. The sensitivity of the epidermis does not allow the use of hardening masks, they can contribute to the appearance of cracks. Therefore, it is better to apply a mask only moisturizing, which is easily washed off.

Effective Moisturizing Masks

Masks that can easily be prepared independently at home can improve the condition of the face. They not only nourish the epidermis, but also help to cope with sensitivity.


1 tablespoon of milk must be mixed with 1 tsp. glycerin;

Add a little rice starch to the finished mixture;

such a mask should be done at night, it will help to cope with hives and peeling.


  • 1 tbsp milk must be mixed with a teaspoon of chamomile broth;
  • Soak the gauze with a finished composition and make a compress;
  • After 10 minutes, complete the procedure;
  • This remedy has a calming and tonic effect..


  • Lubricate your face with ordinary vegetable oil;
  • Next, apply the egg yolk in a circular motion of the fingers;
  • Wash off the product after 20 minutes;
  • It is perfect for women after 35 years..


Pour 1 tablespoon with boiling water. flaxseed;

Let the broth infuse for half an hour;

Wash with broth;

After 15 minutes, apply a moisturizer;

Broth promotes cell regeneration.


  • Grate the tomato and mix it with oatmeal;
  • Thoroughly mix all the components and apply the product on the face;
  • After 30 minutes, rinse it with mineral water;
  • The remedy miraculously fights redness.

It is easy to improve the condition of the epidermis even at home. The main thing is to know the measure in everything. People who have increased sensitivity should not abuse decorative cosmetics, because it only dries and depletes the epidermis. Also, do not forget about the general hydro balance in the body. To maintain it normal, you need to consume more water. And of course, try to use moisturizing hypoallergenic products..

All these simple rules of care will significantly improve the condition of the epidermis, and in some cases even completely get rid of irritability and dry skin.

Excessive sensitivity? this is a problem that can be effectively addressed.

Therefore, if you find signs of skin sensitivity, do not hesitate and start a course to restore the epidermis.