Laser whitening of the intimate area

Laser whitening of a pigmented intimate zone is a fashionable, modern and affordable procedure that shows how reverent and special a woman is to her body. In addition, skin whitening is not just a tribute to fashion, but also an urgent need. So, for example, in the intimate areas darkening may appear, which visually look like “dirty” spots, which bind and disturb the person.

Why do they arise?

There are the following reasons why the skin in the intimate area darkens:

Hormonal changes that accompany the bearing of the child, resolution of the burden, breastfeeding and menopause;

Rubbing the skin on the inner thighs, which is usually observed with excess weight;

Damage to the skin of a mechanical type caused by poor-quality linen or rough seams on clothing;

Skin pigmentation is often a logical age-related change in the appearance of a person or a feature of his skin.

What is the procedure itself??

Laser whitening of delicate and thin skin in intimate places implies depigmentation of epithelial tissues surrounding the anus, perineum, armpits and groin.

It is worth noting that today, whitening of these parts of the body has become an affordable procedure due to the development of appropriate technologies. With the help of such a procedure, a woman gets the opportunity to get rid of complexes, feel more confident to be alone with a man and not be afraid of intimate sexual contact.

Intimate laser lightening or full whitening is a popular service among professional dancers and swimmers who often have to go in public and show their body in the most favorable light.

In addition, lovers of sunbathing on a nudist or ordinary beach, fans of too revealing outfits or women who adore their body and try to maintain it in perfect condition need the same procedure.

Depigmentation can be done on such parts of the body:

The area of ​​the anus. It is worth noting that this area can be clarified not only by laser, but also by cosmetic means. In the latter case, all hair is completely removed around the anus, the dead cells are cleaned and the epidermis is polished. In addition, you can bleach using specific creams, gels and lotions, which contain hydroquinone. Having chosen this option, a person will have to follow the recommendations of a cosmetologist for a long time and not to allow UV light to enter such an intimate area;

Belly line. Usually, the need to whiten this area occurs after childbirth, when age spots appear on the skin, dark marks from stretch marks / cesarean, or a dark strip appears too clearly;

The zones of the scrotum, external labia and pubis are clarified, usually based on a personal understanding of aesthetics;

Armpits. In this area, pigmentation usually appears as you grow older, although liver spots can be triggered by diseases of the intestine, liver or stomach..

What gives skin depigmentation?

Laser whitening of intimate areas or faces has a lot of positive aspects, due to which the number of people who want to try this procedure on themselves is growing.

Among all the advantages, I want to note the most important:

  • Laser lightening is completely harmless to humans. Unlike chemicals, the laser does not provoke even minimal burns, but, on the contrary, gently and gently whitens the epithelium;
  • Removal of pigmentation shows a positive result after the first session, although experts recommend taking several courses with certain interruptions. In general, intimate lightening of the anus is considered a reusable procedure, which is advised to be repeated every six months. To support and consolidate the achieved effect, you need to use soft serums with a brightening effect and vitamin C;
  • Laser skin brightening has a rejuvenating effect, and works like a full-fledged lifting. The fact is that the laser provokes a more active production of collagen, in the treated areas the blood supply normalizes and improves. On top of that, the skin integrates, tightens, moisturizes, and acquires a “second” youth both in appearance and by touch. It is worth noting that held clients of salons who survived such a procedure note an increase in the sensitivity of intimate zones to tactile touches.

In general, whitening the genitals and depigmentation of the pubis, armpits or anus, collects extremely positive reviews and comments. And this is quite justified, since the procedure itself is completely safe, not burdensome, effective and affordable for the average woman.

Finally, we note that a similar technology can be used to depigment the face. It leaves no traces, gives a long and noticeable result, does not require much time and allows the skin to rejuvenate, tighten and refresh.


If there is no desire to contact the laser, or there are contraindications, you can lighten the intimate area of ​​the body with:

peelings, which result in the replacement of cells with pigmented spots with new and healthy ones. Peeling can be superficial, middle and superficial;

mesotherapy and mesopila, implying the introduction of special preparations with a whitening effect;

whitening cosmetic care;

home remedies.

The final choice of a procedure or set of cosmetics for clarifying intimate areas is made taking into account the recommendations of specialists: a cosmetologist, proctologist, dermatologist, and sometimes even an endocrinologist.