Algal Wrap

Few people know how miraculous algae is, and what a stunning effect they have. What is the first thing you need to know? This is what algae wrapping is considered to be a type of anti-cellulite treatment..

And this is not surprising, because this procedure has several advantages:

Improves skin condition – tightens and improves elasticity, smoothes and makes

skin smooth and radiant health;

Helps to improve metabolism;

Removes excess fluid between cells, thereby relieving swelling;

Relieves fatigue, especially when applied topically.

Despite the strong anti-cellulite effect, if you combine them with a massage also aimed at getting rid of cellulite, the desired result will be obtained much faster, after the first sets of procedures you will see changes.

Types of Wraps

Seaweed wraps are of the following types:

Cold wraps – they are used for certain areas of the body, if local exposure is necessary, to relieve swelling or fatigue, or improve blood circulation in a specific area;

Hot wraps are applied to the whole body, they help in the fight against such hated cellulite;

There is another third method, which is many times better in fighting cellulite and increasing skin elasticity – these are contrasting wraps. First, hot algae is placed on a certain part of the body, and then an algae mask with a cooling effect is applied to the same area.

Few people are ready for a contrast shower, but such a procedure can hardly be abandoned, besides it is impossible not to notice the visible effect after the first procedures.

When wrapping with algae after the first time, you will notice how your centimeters are reduced. As a rule, these figures are from 2 to 5 cm, regardless of what it is about: stomach, hips or buttocks. And if you do this procedure in a hamam, you will have a double unforgettable effect.


Algae for wrapping consists of a whole mass of useful trace elements, but there are contraindications, despite their usefulness:

Chills or fever;

Severe forms of diabetes and hypertension;


Various oncological diseases, thrombophlebitis, ulcers;

The presence of wounds, rashes or abrasions, as well as immediately after hair removal;

Laminaria for wrapping is especially saturated with iodine, so if there is an allergy to iodine, then wrapping can not be done either.

And of course, pregnancy is one of the very first contraindications..

Do not think that wraps can be done only in SPA salons, of course, it is much more pleasant when you do such procedures, and you enjoy it, but at home it is quite possible.

How to do algal wrap at home?

It is necessary to perform algal wrap at home on cleansed skin, and even better if it happens immediately after a bath or sauna, as useful trace elements will penetrate through the open pores..

That is why a similar procedure in spas and beauty salons is done in a hammam or sauna. It is worth remembering that, depending on the type of wraps, algae are prepared in different ways. For cold wrapping, they must be soaked for 2-3 hours at a water temperature range of 18 to 20 degrees. But with hot wraps for half an hour at a temperature of 36 to 38 degrees. The amount of algae needed is calculated based on a proportion of 100 grams per 1 liter of water.

Of course, you can buy ready-made algae masks, but do not expect much effect from them..

The wrapping procedure itself is simple:

Apply the prepared algae to the skin and wrap it on top with a film, you can use food. This is necessary not only to achieve the effect, but also in order not to stain everything around with kelp.

Ready-made algae will not look and smell very nice, and, of course, if you make them at home, rather than using ready-made ones, their consistency will also not be uniform, they will be slippery and liquid.

If you use the services of a spa or other salon, then you should know in advance that this is a very expensive procedure, of course at home it will cost half as much, but sometimes you can treat yourself. Do not get involved in body wraps, as well as other cosmetic procedures.

It’s enough to do them once, and with a great desire 2-3 times a week, doing them more often makes no sense. We wish you to be beautiful and healthy!