Perfect makeup for green eyes


Green-eyed girls should not worry about makeup. There are many color shades that perfectly accentuate this charming eye color. Green eyes are very expressive, but they can be made even more effective if you choose the right shades of shadows, pencil, mascara or eyeliner. How to make perfect makeup for green eyes: step-by-step photos will help you better understand this matter. Make a spectacular, beautiful makeup for green eyes – very simple! The main thing is to choose a suitable color palette that emphasizes green eyes.

Green Eye Makeup Palette

Remember one simple rule, to highlight and show eye color you need to use contrasting color tones in the makeup. To better understand, the color wheel will help you:


Contrast colors are colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. For green tones, these are: violet, lilac, pink, red-brown, lilac, purple tones. Therefore, to highlight the green color of the eyes, use these colors for makeup (not only the eyes, but also the colors of the blush, lipsticks can perfectly highlight the green eyes). The precisely selected color of pink blush or pink lipstick, shine will further enhance the natural color of the eyes and make them just glow with their mysterious and magical shade.

The green eyes themselves can be of various shades: gray-green, green-blue, olive, warm yellow-green. Based on this, you need to choose exactly your shade for your unique eye color. For example, if you look at the color wheel for yellow-green eyes, lilac tones will be more suitable. For green-blue – red-pink, peach-colored makeup. Eyes of olive color are underlined with lilac-pink tones. Also suitable for green eyes: gray, beige, bronze, brown. It is worth noting that if green eyes have yellow blotches, then purple should not be used in makeup, because this color will enhance yellow blotches.

Regarding the use of green shadows, one should be careful. An improperly selected shade can take all the emphasis on itself and the green eyes simply go out. If you want to use green shades, be sure to combine them with other colors – lilac, brown, bronze, terracotta and pink. And choose a green shade that will be slightly paler, less saturated than the iris of the eye and not match its color. This will allow the green color of the iris to be the main green color in makeup.

Makeup for green eyes

What eyeliner, pencil and mascara to choose for green eyes?

Here the trick is the same. Use gray, brown, black, plum, golden, silver, lilac or green eyeliners and pencils. If you apply lilac, pink shades on the eyelid, then the lower edge of the eyelashes can be emphasized with a gray, black or green pencil (remember about choosing the right green shade – it should not be the main green color). To emphasize eyelashes beautifully and highlight green eyes, you can apply colored mascara to the ends of the eyelashes (after applying black or brown mascara) – lilac, plum, purple, purple or green.


Makeup for green eyes step by step. Beautiful pink makeup

1 step  Apply the base on the eyelids so that the makeup lasts longer. Apply delicate sparkling pink shades on the upper eyelid.

2 step  On the middle of the upper eyelid, apply lilac pearlescent shades. And in the outer corner there are dark gray shadows (the color of wet asphalt).

Makeup for green eyes

3 step  Apply warmer peach shadows to the crease of the eyelids and a little higher, blend everything well.

4 step  Draw the line of the upper eyelashes with a black or dark gray pencil. Also draw the water line (the line above the lower cilia) and under the eyelid from the outer corner.

Makeup for green eyes

5 step  Then smoothly blend the pencil along the eyelash line..

6 step  It remains to apply mascara to the eyelashes and the makeup is ready! You will immediately notice how beneficial this makeup emphasizes green eyes.

Makeup for green eyes

Makeup for green eyes in gray tones: step by step

Green eyes look spectacular when using gray shadows.

Step 1 Apply gray shadows to the entire upper eyelid. You can use both dark and lighter gray shades.

Step 2  Blend the shadows with a soft brush to make the transition smooth and natural. In the fold and above it, apply pinkish-peach shadows and blend the border well.

Makeup for green eyes

Step 3  Draw a water line with a gray pencil.

Step 4  Apply some gray eye shadow and blend with a soft brush. Also draw a line of eyelashes on the upper eyelid.

Makeup for green eyes

Step 5  Apply bronze (red-brown) sparkling shadows to the inner corner – with the corner on the upper and lower eyelids.

Step 6  Apply the same shadows to the middle of the upper eyelid. Mascara and makeup ready!

Makeup for green eyes