Makeup for Valentine’s Day: Step by Step

What to do makeup for Valentine’s Day? There are several classic makeup tricks. This is a popular black winged eyeliner, red lips and smoky smoky eyes. But now you will learn how to make a bright, colorful and very sexy makeup for Valentine’s Day!

Many girls continue to choose beige, brown and gray colors for eye makeup day after day. And, most likely, makeup for Valentine’s Day is also planned in proven neutral colors. Very vain. The right shadow color will make your eyes shine!

The most important thing in makeup is the correct shadowing technique. And remember that using the colors we choose is completely optional. With this technique you can make up for Valentine’s Day in different shades.

How to do eye makeup for Valentine’s Day

Step 1  Draw eyebrows. In a rich evening make-up, eyebrows can be made wider, graphic and darken.

Step 2  Apply champagne shade or pencil over the entire eyelid.

eye makeup

Step 3  Using a flat synthetic brush, gently blend the borders of the pencil toward the temples. With gray or brown shades, darken the fold of the eyelid and make the outer corner of the eye. To do this, draw shadows in the outer corner of the inverted letter V and blend the borders well.

Step 4  Now apply violet shadows to the outer corner over the brown ones. Gradually overlay the hue until you reach the desired color intensity. Makeup for Valentine’s Day is almost ready – a little more patience!

eye makeup

Step 5  In the center of the upper eyelid, apply a pink-gold pigment, (inglot – 22). In order to intensify the color of the pigment, lightly wet the brush with water.

Step 6  Apply a highlighter to the inner corner of the eye to refresh and brighten the eye.

eye makeup

Step 7  Apply on the lower line of eyelash growth with blue shadows. Lightly blend the shadows down, create a light haze.

Step 8  Carefully paint over the bottom water line with a black pencil..

eye makeup

Step 9  Apply a little pigment (inglot – 22) to the lower lash line. This technique will create harmony in makeup..

Step 10  Draw an active black winged eyeliner. Apply mascara.

Your makeup is done.

eye makeup

Happy valentine’s day!