Nontouring – new makeup

Nontouring is a makeup technique that is the exact opposite of contouring. The main rule is “less is more”, no clear boundaries and shaded areas on the face. Moisturized, nourished, and internally illuminated skin is what characterizes and is the main goal of nontouring.

Nontouring the main trend in face makeup

Kim Kardashian said she refuses contouring, and models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid already demonstrate this technique on themselves, becoming the standard of nontouring technique for girls around the world..

The main products that are used to carry out this technique are a flickering primer or, porthole primer, moisturizing foundation and highlighter.

To do makeup in this technique, you need to capture all 3 of the above products and follow 3 simple steps.


Nontouring – execution technique

The first step is to use a primer that suits your skin type. If it is oily, do not use a tool with a matting effect. It is better to choose a moisturizing version, which must necessarily contain reflective particles.



The second step is a moisturizing foundation. Your goal is to create a natural shine and glow of the face, in your arsenal there should not be any heavy and dense foundations. Forget about them. Instead, apply a light texture moisturizing foundation over the primer. BB cream would be ideal.


The last step is to add a glow. Choose a highlighter that suits your color type: for owners of fair skin, the one with the pink one is suitable, and who has warm skin – the highlighter with a gold or bronze tint. Apply the product to the most protruding areas of your face where the light most hits: under the eyebrow, on the cheekbones, on the back of the nose and on the checkmark above the lip.


Finally, apply a thin layer of light, loose powder onto your face. That’s all!

As you can see, the technique is very simple, unlike contouring. It’s also perfect for summer..