How to sleep in a short time

The modern rhythm of life, physical activity, constant stress are factors that negatively affect the quality of sleep duration. But the eternal question: “How to sleep well in a short time?” with a certain approach, we completely solve.

Lack of sleep and a persistent desire to sleep – is not a harmless state of man. Systematic lack of sleep leads to insomnia, becoming the main cause of depression and chronic fatigue. The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases. Lack of normal sleep affects our appearance and causes us to overeat. The result is an unhealthy complexion and excess weight. Agree, this does not fit into any framework? Healthy sleep is a cyclical alternation of the phases of fast and slow sleep. During REM sleep, brain functions are restored, during the slow phase – physical strength. Based on the study of the physiology of sleep, scientists have developed productive sleep techniques that provide rest and recovery in a short time, even when no more than 5-6 hours are left for sleep.

How to sleep in a short time

5 tips: how to sleep in a short time

We get enough sleep – a ban on eating three hours before bedtime, the exclusion from the evening menu of fatty, smoked, spicy, tonic drinks and alcohol. Familiar recommendations for weight loss. If you eat before bedtime, then instead of resting, the brain and stomach will be forced to work.

“Siesta”, or afternoon nap – a short (20 min) daytime sleep replaces one night cycle and reduces the duration of sleep by 2 hours. Advanced managers practice the Siesta method and significantly increase labor productivity.

“Ladder”, or step sleep – each session of a 20-minute daytime sleep reduces night sleep by an hour and a half. The method of pre-afternoon and afternoon nap allows you to sleep in a short time.

Fresh air in the room – it is proved that in a cool room we fall asleep faster and sleep better. The fact is that the internal temperature of the body decreases when falling asleep, and the sooner it comes, the sooner you will fall asleep. If you cannot fall asleep due to cold feet, put on your socks or take a warm bath before going to bed and go to bed immediately.

“Hi-tech”, or “smart alarm clock” – a bracelet with special sensors detects the movements of the human body, determines the phases of sleep and wakes up with pleasant music in the most comfortable time (REM sleep phase). You can sleep there even in 4 hours.

Your bed should be comfortable: an orthopedic mattress, perfect bedding, the right pillow. All these attributes will help prepare the body for a good night’s sleep and give you the opportunity to sleep well in a short time..