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Bulldog cheeks: how to get rid of an unpleasant phenomenon?

“How to tighten sagging cheeks?” – No, this question is not always asked of plastic surgeons by older ladies. In the modern world, a tendency to premature chronological aging has appeared, when women of absolutely any age are equally often faced with its manifestations. A young, and even slender girl with a double chin and a “floating” face contour is now far from rare.

Why it happens? First of all, free radicals have a detrimental effect on the natural turgor of our skin. And we encounter them daily, without knowing it ourselves.

They are synthesized in high concentration with ultraviolet radiation, pursue us in ecologically unfavorable regions, which now are almost all large cities, enter the body with running water.

But they are not the only ones to blame for the premature onset of our old age. Indirectly guilty of it are aggressive household chemicals, many food products and additives. Alimentary causes are also very important – poor posture, lack of exercise, stress, bad habits. Let’s figure out what to do if your cheeks are sagging and your face contaminated in young and old age.

Eliminate the elemental causes of aging

The first and most important step on the path to gaining a young and fresh skin is to review your own regime, lifestyle and nutrition. These factors are literally necessary in a victorious battle for eternal beauty..

Very rare women, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and without looking, eating two cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, can boast of excellent skin condition. This is an exception rather than a rule, and besides, these very units possess simply amazing hereditary data..

Even if genetics has generously rewarded you with beauty and attractiveness, you need to protect it from a young age so that at 40 you do not have to wonder how to get rid of saggy “bulldog” cheeks. Of course, gravitational ptosis is a more than natural and inevitable process, but nevertheless, by providing proper decent care for your face, you can easily neutralize and mitigate its manifestations..

Why sagging our cheeks? There are many reasons for this, and we mentioned only a tenth of them. Despite the widespread progress and constant increase in life expectancy, high technologies and the benefits of civilization only complicate the “beautiful side” of our life. But do not despair – it is in your power to change everything! And you can do this without contacting a plastic surgeon or a qualified cosmetologist.

We are looking for the causes of the problem

As we have already noted, it is better to start a full and comprehensive self-care at a young age. Optimum – since 25 years. But if the manifestations of old age have already come, you can quickly “cure” them yourself. The main thing is to show sincere desire and true fighting perseverance. After all, you have to set foot on the warpath with the most inexorable thing – time.

If the skin of the face has sagged, and the unfortunate second chin is already visible in the lower jaw contour, the moment of truth has come – and right now you should take maximum care of your skin in order to avoid the progression of such unpleasant phenomena and mitigate the existing “symptoms”.

It is not necessary to have round amounts in bank accounts in order to ensure excellent care. Global rejuvenation can be achieved through simple procedures available to everyone at home. But before moving on to their practical implementation, let’s analyze what could cause premature onset of old age in your case.

Objectively young sagging cheeks may appear for the following reasons.

Gravity Ptosis

Usually it concerns women who have crossed the threshold of 40-45 years, but now it is also found in very young people. And this does not only mean that you may not have luck with heredity.

Flabbiness of the skin and its omission is a direct consequence of the weakening of the muscular-aponeurotic complex. More individual muscles are concentrated on our face than on our entire body. And they must be strengthened, as well as other parts of the musculature.

Judge for yourself – if you start to swing the press, and even achieve the desired “cubes”, but soon abandon the exercises and start eating exclusively fast food – what will happen? Of course, your cubes will rapidly overgrow with fat, and they will definitely stop pleasing your eye with their relief.

The situation is similar with the face. Forgetting to strengthen muscles, we artificially atrophy them, which leads to such undesirable consequences as “bulldog cheeks”. To get rid of them, it is important to do local exercises and massage on a regular basis..

Reason 1: bad habits

A lot has been said about them, and we do not want to repeat ourselves, let alone moving to moralizing. We only note that most women who have crossed the threshold of thirty years of age consciously and voluntarily give up smoking and restrict alcohol not at all out of concern for their own health, but because of the awareness of deterioration in appearance against the background of addictions.

Reason 2: incorrect posture

Look at people who are hunched over and keep their heads bowed. We almost guarantee that most of them have a second chin and a blurred face shape. Why? Because their facial and cervical muscles are constantly in an unnatural state for themselves. Keep this in mind and start working on your own posture today.!

Reason 3: Overweight

It also does not have to add a lot of new things. Subcutaneous fatty tissue as if displaces muscle tissue and makes it feel “extra”. That, respectively, atrophies, and fat lumps all lower reach the ground, complemented by an unattractive double chin.

Reason 4: the abundance of the sun

If you abuse artificial or natural insolation, without bothering to protect the delicate skin of the face from ultraviolet radiation, nutrients cease to flow to it. It loses its natural elasticity and tone, quickly fades and becomes weak, devoid of elasticity.

Massages and exercises

If you have eliminated all the possible nutritional causes of your sudden aging, but your cheeks have remained in their original place, it’s time to start their local “warm-up”.

Express exercises to eliminate sagging cheeks:

  • Turn your neck to the left to the maximum limit to feel a significant tension on the skin. Stay in this position for 3-4 minutes. Repeat in the opposite direction;
  • Turn your head to the right, stretch your lips and move your mouth, as if you are energetically trying to chew on stretching food like candy “iris”. Do this for 2 minutes, then lower your head and repeat. Return to the original, and then do all the actions on the other side;
  • Turn your neck alternately left and right, as quickly and energetically as possible. Count up to 15-20 times;
  • Raise your head and turn it to the left. Move as if you are trying to pull your lower lip onto your upper. Repeat with head bowed and turn right. Keep doing the exercise.

Self-massage for sagging “bulldog” cheeks:

Slap your chin with the back of your hand. Fingers should be squeezed. Do this quickly and with sufficient effort so that the skin in the area becomes numb. Perform at least 2-3 minutes every day;

Place your fingertips at the base of the chin. Press on them. Continuously stretch your hands across your cheeks to your temples, as if you want to stretch your skin and tie it behind your ears. Before this, be sure to moisturize your skin with oil or serum. Do 15-20 times;

Place your fingers on the edge of the cheekbones under the ear. Stretch them over your face to the forehead. Return to the starting position, but slightly move your fingers closer to the chin. Repeat the manipulations. Treat your entire face this way. Repeat several times in different directions from the chin.

What to do if your cheeks sagged suddenly? Of course, solve the problem! And approach her comprehensively.

If you feel that none of the above measures help you, contact a professional cosmetologist for an in-person consultation and identify your problems. Stay young and charming as long as possible!

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