How to reduce nose with makeup


Today we will consider the following question: how to reduce the nose with a light natural make-up. Not every girl possesses these simple, but such important skills. Therefore, we will tell you how to become even more beautiful..

Forget about face surgery. One of the favorite methods that photo models use to correct faces is contouring. Using this makeup technique, you can quickly achieve a proportional face effect. To do this, we need two additional shades of concealer, powder or foundation. Take the tool that you are used to using. To reduce a long or narrow small wide nose, it’s important to pick one shade lighter and the other darker than your natural skin color.

How to visually reduce a wide nose

  1. Using a small brush with a beveled edge, apply a couple of lines of dark powder on the sides and wings of the nose. Keep in mind that the borders of the makeup should be smooth, so blend the lines well.
  2. Powder the lightest shade or highlighter, lay the highlight in the center. Make the line width the way you want to see your nose.
  3.  With a slight movement of the brush, blend the highlight vertically, lubricating the borders.


Using makeup, you can visually smooth the snub nose. Just apply a dark tone of powder on the very tip of the nose and blend well.

How to visually reduce a flat nose

  1.       Darken the tip, sides and wings of the nose with a dark tone.
  2.      In a light tone, apply a clear focus in the center.
  3.       Brush the borders of the makeup with a brush.


How to visually reduce a long nose

  1.    Apply the highlighter in the center of the nose with a straight line.
  2.    Gently darken his tip and wings with a dark tone.
  3.    Gently blend the line.


Using makeup, you can remove the hump, if any. Cover it with a dark tone of powder, taking care of smooth transitions.

Basic tips for nose makeup correction

  1. Using makeup, draw attention to the rest of the face, but not too frankly. Shape your eyes, fine-tune the shape of your eyebrows and visually make your lips larger.
  2. You can also reduce the long nose and smooth the hump with a bang.
  3. With a wide nose, the bangs don’t look the other way around. Open your face as much as possible, makeup should always be fresh.
  4. Lines should not be too noticeable, always shade them.

As for cosmetics, choose the one that you use for a long time and which is suitable for your skin type. You can experiment with makeup, but only sitting at home, and not preparing for the party. All products must be of high quality, do not save on beauty and health. Follow our tips and you can easily adjust the shape of the nose, reduce it or smooth the hump with ordinary makeup.