How to get rid of pigmentation – whitening creams

Whitening face cream – a real panacea for those who suffer from freckles and the formation of pigmentation on the skin. This problem becomes especially urgent with the advent of spring – solar activity increases and, in turn, provokes the rapid synthesis of the hormone melanin in the skin, which is a source of ugly skin pigmentation. Of course, light golden placers of freckles rather add piquancy to the overall appearance, but pigmentation on the skin is a lot of trouble. Timely use of a special cream with whitening properties can save the skin from this trouble..


How to choose the best whitening cream

A good whitening cream should work in three ways:

Reduce the synthesis of melanin. To do this, the cream should have a suspended content of moisturizing substances, since in the layers of the dermis, which lack moisture, pigment particles are produced at a high speed.


Effectively remove dead skin particles, allowing the skin to breathe and retain natural moisture. The whitening cream should also have a regenerative effect, causing skin cells to recover faster.
Lighten the skin by removing keratinized layers from it. The clarified skin looks fresher and younger.


Whitening cream – how to use it

Whitening cream is a daily care product that has a certain effect on lightening the skin. Due to the action of the components of the cream, the skin becomes lighter and more sensitive, therefore, you must be able to use whitening cream:


do not apply the cream immediately before going out into the fresh air, whitening creams are best used as a night care product;
in conjunction with a whitening cream, additional use of sunscreen products is mandatory;

cream should be used in courses, for about 3-3.5 weeks.

In a quality cream for lightening the skin there should be no toxic components – abutin, kojic acid. These substances are also strong allergens that can cause skin irritation..

What components are needed for skin whitening

Hydroquinone – this substance has a really powerful brightening effect and is often used in cosmetology, however, use cream with this component as little as possible – it is not devoid of toxicity and can damage the skin.
Ascorbic acid is a well-known substance that has a powerful effect on the suppression of the process of production of the coloring hormone – melanin. Ascorbic acid also acts perfectly on capillaries, making them stronger, so that redness and spider veins disappear;
Vitamin E is a frequent component of whitening creams, it is useful for the skin in many ways, including for saturating the skin with moisture.
To enhance the regenerative functions of skin cells, panthenol must be included in brightening creams.