Honey massage

Honey is a very useful product for health and beauty. It helps to normalize the work of internal organs, improves immunity, improves blood composition, protects the body from premature aging and is a source of energy.

There are many useful properties of this product: crystallization, thermal conductivity, fermentation, electrical conductivity, hygroscopicity and viscosity, heat capacity, density, thixotropy, optical activity, and others. In addition, it has dietary, therapeutic and bactericidal properties. It is thanks to them that honey is used in folk and traditional medicine.

Honey for beauty and health

Our ancestors understood traditional medicine better than us. They used honey inside and out, and for beauty, and for health, and for the treatment of various diseases and wounds. Ancient medicine simply could not help but notice the useful and unique properties of this miracle product.

One of the widely known discoveries of physicians in ancient Tibet is honey massage. This type of massage allows you to maintain healthy skin and slim figure, get rid of chronic diseases that could torment a person for many years.

Tibet’s honey massage has been popular for many years, although in the salons it was more often used simply as a procedure for cellulite..

But this type of massage in addition to the anti-cellulite effect can restore upset health and get rid of cosmetic defects.

Honey massage properties

Honey massage, carried out only for cosmetic purposes, helps to feel and look better, to become more energetic and healthy. First of all, during the session the skin tones and cleanses, blood circulation improves, all metabolic processes and lymph flow begin to accelerate actively.

That is why after 2-3 sessions the skin becomes soft, smooth and looks healthier and fresher. Cellulite disappears and body fat becomes much smaller, movements become lighter, and muscles are tightened and toned..

Honey massage at home can be used for cosmetic, restorative and therapeutic purposes. Honey has a beneficial effect on the skin, joints, internal organs, the nervous system and the body as a whole.

Using this procedure, they treat osteochondrosis, arthrosis, colds, radiculitis, headaches, sleep disturbances, bronchitis and problems with internal organs in the domestic environment..

Honey Slimming Massage

One of the types of therapeutic massage is honey massage for weight loss. He promotes

burning fat, simultaneously changing the structure of subcutaneous fat.

The burning of excess fat cells occurs due to increased metabolism, which, in turn, is actively involved in the process of losing weight and getting rid of extra centimeters in the waist and hips.

Before starting the procedure, you need to warm up the body well, spending time in a bath or sauna is ideal.

In addition, in the process of this procedure, blood circulation in the area of ​​massaging is enhanced. Nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, trace elements, come from honey into the blood and restore energy balance, and also prevent the appearance of radicals that adversely affect human health. Cleansing from decay products takes place, trophic tissue tissue improves.

Honey massage of the abdomen – properties and technique

Honey massage of the abdomen is mainly aimed at burning subcutaneous fat in problem areas – hips, abdomen, buttocks. A solution of honey, penetrates under the skin and has a beneficial effect on the body.

The procedure can be performed at home, as it is very simple. Honey massage improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines, corrects the figure, strengthens and restores immunity, removes toxins from the body and removes sagging skin.

First you need to prepare the body – cleanse the dead cells with a scrub.

After which you should prepare a special solution, the composition of which includes buckwheat or linden honey, 3-4 drops of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of honey and glycerin in small quantities, if desired.

On the surface of the abdomen, the solution is applied in a thin layer, after which we wait 1-2 minutes until it is absorbed into the skin. After absorption, knead the skin of the abdomen, make circular and zigzag movements. After a while, the solution will turn into a gray and viscous mixture. This procedure is quite painful, so it is recommended that it be done no longer than 5 minutes.

In order to achieve the desired results, the session should be carried out 10-15 times with an interruption for 1 day, and then repeat 1-2 times a month for prevention.

Honey facial massage

Honey facial massage is both a healing and cosmetic procedure.

The mechanism of action is simple and consists in the following: biologically active enzymes contained in honey pass inward and act on the nerve receptors that are located on different layers of the skin. Receptors have a direct connection with the autonomic system, internal organs, which entails a chain of reflex reactions.

The result is improved blood supply, normalization of nutrition of tissues and internal organs, elimination of toxins from the body, improved lymph flow, and increased body tone. The skin becomes firm and smooth..

There is only one contraindication – an allergy to honey, in other cases you will get pleasure and pleasure from the process.

The effect of honey on cellulite

Honey massage for cellulite – the best way to promote weight loss, improve

skin structure and color, but most importantly – getting rid of the “orange peel”.

The combination of technology and medicinal properties of honey eliminates cellulite defects and improves skin elasticity, as well as smooth out body contours..

To enhance the effect, a couple drops of special massage oil are added to honey, depending on the desired effect and taste preferences..

For example, for relaxation, lavender oil is perfect, and for a good mood – citrus oils.

The course is not recommended for people who have problems with veins, for example, varicose veins or vascular mesh. This kind of honey “pleasure” is best avoided by women over 35. The course is designed for 10-15 sessions, and the procedure is very painful – you will have to walk with bruises for at least a month.

In general, the following can be said about honey massage: although the procedure is painful, it gives the desired effect in most cases and is also beneficial for internal organs, tissues and the whole body, the main thing to remember about contraindications.