Aromatic oils for weight loss: methods for preparing healing scrubs, baths and massage

Our ancestors knew about the healing properties of plant extracts. Their popularity for the treatment of various diseases does not fall today, in addition, aromatic oils for weight loss are increasingly included in programs to combat excess weight, due to their effect on the body. What is it and how to use them correctly?

Types of extracts and their effects on the body


Not all of the currently existing oils are used in weight loss programs..

The greatest benefits can bring:

  • essential oils of citrus, geranium, cinnamon, guarana, nutmeg and bergamot. This group contributes to the burning of body fat, collagen production, strengthening and toning the skin, as well as increasing the tone of blood vessels. These products perfectly relieve fatigue, and also have an antiseptic effect;
  • the main “specialization” of dill, black and sweet pepper oil, as well as ginger, cypress, cardamom and peppermint oil is fat burning. An extract from dill not only dampens the appetite, but also cleanses the body, and an extract from black pepper stimulates metabolism;
  • aromatic essential oils for weight loss such as extracts of patchouli, lemongrass, myrrh, lavender, black pepper, rosemary and mandarin will help tighten the skin after weight loss and restore its former firmness and elasticity;
  • Aromatherapists pay particular attention to those products that are able to activate the lymphatic system and more effectively remove toxins, waste and excess fluid from the body. These include extracts from juniper, mandarin, patchouli, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin;
  • essential oils of rose, neroli, jasmine, geranium, bergamot, mandarin and umbilicals are responsible for normalizing the emotional background, increasing self-esteem and positive attitude.

All of the above products are used in aromatherapy methods and procedures, such as aroma lamps, aroma baths, massages, compresses and rubbing.

Aromatic baths

To prepare a bath with aromatic oils for weight loss, it is necessary to use an emulsifier, which is used as milk, kefir, bran, cream, honey and ordinary bath foam. It is on this basis that an extract is added at the rate of 5-6 drops per 60 g of emulsifier. If desired, you can use any one hood or a mixture of them – the field for activities is unlimited.

Here are the recipes:

cinnamon oil will help get rid of hunger. After adding 5 drops of the hood to any base, dissolve it in water heated to a temperature of about 40 degrees, and soak for 20 minutes;

a cellulite bath is also being prepared, but also using orange oil. Experts also advise adding sea salt to the water;

Such a recipe will help improve metabolism and remove excess fluid from the body: in 50 ml of jojoba oil add 12 drops of extracts of cypress and juniper. Do not forget to pour sea salt into the water.

Healing massage

The basic mixture for massage can be prepared on the basis of body milk, lotion or anti-cellulite cream.

Variations of the hoods used can be varied in accordance with the individual characteristics of the skin:

  • if the skin is prone to stretch marks, massage cream should be prepared using oils of grapefruit, marjoram, sage, Roman chamomile, benzoin and rosemary;
  • with sensitive and dry skin, the base should be added extracts of roses, jasmine, neroli, kananga, chamomile and sandalwood;
  • if the skin is prone to allergies, then you can use only chamomile and sandalwood oils;
  • extracts of lavender, lemon, sandalwood, geranium and cypress can reduce the release of subcutaneous fat in oily skin.

Slimming scrub

Today’s methods of dealing with excess weight are not complete without peeling and skin cleansing procedures. A scrub can cope with this as well as possible, especially one that is enriched with a mixture of essential oils. After all, it will help restore radiance and elasticity to the skin, eliminate or minimize the appearance of the orange peel, improve microcirculation of the skin and increase its elasticity.

After steaming the skin in the shower, treat it with a scrub and work out the problem areas well with massaging movements. Massage will be an excellent completion of the procedure for taking aromatherapy, and after its use, you can make a wrap or just treat the skin with cream or milk.

The easiest and most effective way to make a scrub is to add 10 drops of black pepper or tea tree extract into the thick of coffee or sea salt. If there is no coffee or salt, you can use the usual shower gel with granules.

After the cleansing procedure, treat the body with a cream in which several drops of grapefruit or mandarin oil have been added. Oat flakes are also able to remove keratinous scales from the skin. They are recommended to be diluted with any base vegetable oil and enriched with essential extracts of plants.

All these recipes can be in addition to the classic methods of dealing with excess weight – diet and sports..