Stone massage: features, techniques and interesting facts

Among modern salon procedures, stone massage, in other words, stone therapy, should be singled out in a separate category. It is designed not only to relax a person physically, but also to give a positive emotional charge. The energy effect can even heal, but provided that the material and equipment were selected correctly.

The most popular is the Thai approach. What is the peculiarity of each technique and how to properly conduct such a session?

What is it, the main types

Every person who is interested in wellness procedures has probably heard of such a technique. Stone massage is called stone therapy. Its essence is the effect on the muscles and active points of the face and body in order to relax and stimulate natural processes..

Each stone has its own special structure and composition. And although this is an inanimate object, it also has a memory, therefore it is capable of reading negative energy and directing to the person all the good that is hidden in it. That is, the chakras, energetically active zones, are purified and opened. It promotes harmony and health..

There are several varieties of this procedure. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the procedures for performing the procedure. By their principle, they are almost identical, but depending on the country of origin they have some distinctive features. Their names correspond to the eastern countries: Japan, China, India, Thailand. It is the Thai type of massage that is the most popular.

It is necessary to distinguish between such types of this procedure:

  • Hot stone massage is a traditional method, the body is affected by heated elements. You can determine the appropriate temperature using a simple technique: put a stone under the knee and, if you are comfortable, it means everything is done perfectly;
  • Contrast massage – in addition to hot stones, cold ones are also used. This stimulates metabolic processes and has a beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels;
  • Massage with precious stones – special samples are used for it. Otherwise, this technique is called intuitive, as the master on the go determines which mineral the client needs and which movements will be optimal..

You can also divide all of these methods into the following groups:

  • classical;
  • modeling;
  • energy;
  • aromatic.

Health Benefits

What is good stone therapy? The advantages over other types of massage are definitely such moments:

  • physical and energy contact with natural materials;
  • spiritual cleansing;
  • muscles relax deeply;
  • biologically active points are involved, which allows you to cure many diseases;
  • pleasant and relaxing body shaping.

Another positive point is that the healing energy of stones affects a person. At first, the client may feel some emotional discomfort. This means the chakra cleansing process has been started..

However, peace will soon come and peace and peace of mind will finally be found. In addition, minerals have properties that can treat certain diseases on a mental level..

Thai massage can strengthen human health not only emotionally, but also physically.

Due to the deep effect on active points and due to the use of contrasting temperatures, the following processes are launched:

  • immunity is strengthened;
  • mood improves;
  • muscles are toned;
  • metabolic processes are activated, fat is burned;
  • cellulite is smoothed out;
  • a beneficial effect on all organ systems;
  • heart and blood vessels strengthen;
  • pressure is equalized;
  • headaches and more.

With local effects on the skin, wrinkles are smoothed out, it acquires a healthy color and radiance, and regeneration processes are launched at the cellular level. However, it should be remembered that any procedure brings the declared benefit only when there are no contraindications and subject to its correct execution.

Recommendations and contraindications

Stone therapy will be useful for almost any person. In particular, its implementation is recommended in the presence of such problems:

  • headaches;
  • emotional stress, depression;
  • insomnia;
  • muscle pain;
  • reduced immunity;
  • hypertension;
  • metabolic problems;
  • the presence of wrinkles and body fat;
  • skin turgor reduction.

Jewel massage is good for the face, especially if you want to slow down the aging process and improve your appearance. A contrasting Thai will increase the elasticity of the skin and activates anti-aging processes.

Contraindications for massage with hot and cold stones:

  • serious problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • pathology of the nervous system;
  • pregnancy;
  • damage to the skin;
  • diabetes complications.

How to pick up stones

For stone massage use stones of various origins. It can be smooth marine or raw chipped elements. The diameter depends on the exposure zone. Mostly used stones are 5-10 cm in size.

In salons for stone procedures, two main breeds are used: basalt and marble. Basalt is a dark gray mineral of volcanic origin. When wet, it becomes black. They are heated to the maximum tolerated temperature..

White stones are marble. This is the exact opposite of basalt, not only in color but also in temperature – it is cooled in cold water for a contrast massage. The Thai method is based on the use of these breeds, although at home you can pick up more affordable samples..

For the face, they usually conduct massage with precious stones. They are selected according to energy properties. Most often, agate, amazonite, chalcedony are used. Semi-precious stones and balls can also be used..

Execution technique

Thai wellness massage with stones is carried out according to this algorithm:

  • The stones are prepared for work, at this time the client’s body is rubbed with oils;
  • Large elements are laid on the active points of the back and hips, on the arms and legs – the middle, between the fingers – the smallest;
  • The master begins to smoothly massage the body with stones, moving from legs to arms, back and head.

Hot stone massage takes about 40-80 minutes until the material cools down. If contrasting stone therapy is carried out, hot elements are laid out first, and then cold ones. After a certain period of time they are swapped.

In a similar manner, face massage with hot stones is also carried out. They are laid out on the central region of the forehead, under the eyes, the chin. Gemstone massage is very popular for this area. After this procedure, the skin of the face is refreshed and small wrinkles are smoothed out on it..

Thai stone massage is based on the following techniques: stroking, vibrating, tapping, pulling and shaking. The combination of these techniques allows you to completely relax the client and restore his physical and emotional health.

Exposure zones

During the procedure, not only general contraindications should be taken into account, but also local features of the client’s body. Ideally, all parts of the body are involved: from the head to the toes.

Facial massage is carried out only along the massage lines. Light pressure is applied to the active points. For headaches, attention should be paid to the temporal region and the back of the head..

Thai back massage allows you to affect all body systems. Depending on the area where the stones are applied, the effect is on the kidneys, gall bladder, intestines, etc. To do this, they must be placed along the spine on a certain group of vertebrae. For relaxation, the elements are dispersed on both sides of the ridge, flexing the lateral muscles.

The massage also involves hands, especially palms, legs, the area under the knees and feet. Stone therapy for legs allows you to bring them back to normal after exhausting walking in uncomfortable shoes. The main areas of impact: ankles, the area between the fingers and the feet themselves.

Stone therapy is a great way to relax and benefit your health. With the help of natural minerals, you can return not only the beauty of the face and body, but also to establish an energy balance. Which technique to choose – Thai, Japanese or Indian – is up to you. In any case, such a procedure will have a beneficial effect on your health..