Lymphatic drainage massage

Recently, lymphatic drainage massage has become increasingly popular. And this is understandable – the Internet allows everyone to receive information about its therapeutic features. It is attractive in that it helps to effectively fight cellulite, and is also allowed for many chronic diseases..

Let’s understand how the body works

The lymphatic system works in conjunction with the cardiovascular system. In the process of metabolism, it cleanses the tissues of the body: takes away substances formed as a result of the vital activity of cells from the intercellular space.

Lymphatic flow can be disturbed for a number of reasons: these are chronic diseases, and the wrong way of life, and excessive enthusiasm for diets. As a result, the intercellular fluid is diverted late (or not removed at all), resulting in swelling.

Swelling is noticeable to the naked eye, usually on the face and legs. Sometimes they are internal. In this case, there is no effect on the appearance, but overall health worsens..

It is possible to solve the problem. Lymphatic drainage is an auxiliary procedure that is resorted to in order to remove excess intercellular fluid from the tissues..

Also, modern medicine recommends a course of manipulations to healthy people for preventive purposes. Such prevention will help maintain metabolic processes at the required level..

In a healthy body healthy mind

Lymphatic drainage body massage is prescribed primarily for men and women who are overweight. As a rule, overweight occurs not only due to fat deposits, but also caused by stagnation of fluid in the tissues. A correctly carried out procedure makes it possible in a relatively short time to remove 1-2 kg of total body weight due to the disappearance of internal edema.

Movements are performed according to the lymph current: from the tips of the fingers to the center of the body, from the bottom up. They are
should be wavy, soft, very gentle. Thanks to this technique of the procedure, clients are in a state of complete relaxation, pleasant relaxation.

In the fight against cellulite, lymphatic drainage massage gives excellent results. With cellulite, thin vessels fall into the grip of an expanding adipose tissue, which leads to discomfort and stagnation.

Therapy sessions help to gently normalize lymph outflow..

Lymphatic drainage leads to the fact that excess fluid leaves the body, toxins are eliminated. This has a positive effect on the contours of the body – they take on a normal look, and the so-called orange peel is smoothed out..

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage

Denote the main contraindications to the procedure.

Lymphatic drainage massage of the legs, face or whole body is not carried out, if there are:

  • any skin diseases (starting with dermatitis and allergic rashes, ending with burns and abrasions);
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • tumors in the body;
  • tuberculosis;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • pregnancy (especially in the first trimester);
  • breastfeeding (toxins that are excreted from the body can pass into milk).

It makes sense to consult your doctor before starting a therapeutic course.

All contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage equally apply to both manual and hardware methods of the procedure..

Beauty and freshness of the face

Lymphatic drainage facial massage resembles a classic massage, as it is also carried out along the massage lines..

At the same time, during its execution there are no vibration effects and kneading movements, stroking, pressure and rubbing prevail.

Such a variety of lymphatic drainage at home is highly recommended.

The patient should be tackled by a specialist with a medical education, who knows well in theory and practice the location of the lymph nodes, the direction of the lymphatic flow and is fluent in massage techniques.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage is carried out with the same indications as the general for the body: swelling, lymph congestion. After a course of sessions, complexion improves, dark circles under the eyes disappear, a lifting effect is noticeable. The procedure promotes increased hydration and nutrition of the skin due to the normalization of blood circulation. It has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, as it helps to relieve stress and relax..

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage of this specificity (in addition to the ones listed above):

  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • purulent inflammation;
  • trigeminal neuralgia;
  • excess facial hair.

Easy walking without problems

Common problems of a modern city with a high level of physical inactivity of office personnel or excessive physical exertion of employees whose work involves the “always on my feet” mode are edema, varicose veins, burning of the skin of the feet, and “buzzing” of the feet.

If a woman spends a lot of time in heels, a problem such as deformation of the foot bone is added. Lymphatic drainage foot massage – from feet to hips – helps to alleviate or even completely solve these troubles, if carried out regularly. Cosmetic manipulation provides relief from sensations of fatigue and buzzing legs, relieves swelling, serves as a prevention of varicose veins.

During the session, acupuncture points that are associated with all body systems are irritated. Thanks to this, the healing effect extends to the whole body. The main contraindication is thrombophlebitis, the rest are standard.

Such specific lymphatic drainage at home can be carried out independently. It is important to remember that manipulations are performed along the path of the lymph (starting from the tips of the fingers to the middle of the thigh). You can use anti-cellulite massage cream and essential oils.

To conduct a session at home, you need to sit down, put an ottoman or a short chair in front of you, stretch your leg, place it comfortably (so that it is at the level of the pelvis) and make stroking movements, starting from the ankle up to the popliteal zone.

After that, grab the ankles with both hands and, lightly pressing, move up the calf. Such manipulations should be done several times on each leg. Blood circulation of the feet and legs will immediately improve, swelling will drop from the legs.

With thigh cellulitis, before performing lymphatic drainage, it is necessary to apply an anti-cellulite massage cream for better warming. After that, from the bottom up with light strokes and pats, alternately massage the hips.

Thus, lymphatic drainage massage allows you to simultaneously get pleasure, and therapeutic effect, and relaxation. It will help to feel great and energetic every day with any physical exertion, invigorate the body and relieve it of edema..