Secrets of Indian Oil Massage

Abhyanga is an Indian oil massage of the whole body, including the scalp, face and even ears. It is difficult to overestimate its impact on the state of health, it returns flexibility to the body, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, calms the nerves and helps to find inner harmony.

Indian massage – an ancient technique for health and beauty

Ancient practice has thousands of years of experience in this unique manual technique, which the massage master performs according to Vedic ideas about the structure of the physical and subtle human body.

If the balance of energy in the body is disturbed, diseases, fatigue, bad mood arise, a person looks exhausted and loses attractiveness. In ancient times, they preferred to deal with the ailments by accurately influencing vital points on the body..

The special term “marma” is required to describe Indian oil massage. Marmas are small areas or points located on the body at the skin level, the flow of energy in which was restored to normal through a combination of warm oil and the touch of the experienced hands of a massage therapist.

Effect of Indian Abhyanga Oil Massage:

  • relaxes and helps a tired body regain strength;
  • prolongs the youth of the body – skin, joints, muscles;
  • relieves eye fatigue, increasing visual acuity;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • improves sleep;
  • beneficial effect on the body’s defenses;
  • normalizes hormonal levels;
  • helps to cope with stress and stress.

Indian massage techniques use strokes such as stroking and pressing.

The strength of the impact and the technique is selected for each individually and depends on the constitution of the body:

  • asthenic, thin build – light movements, soothing;
  • normasthenic, medium – invigorating, medium depth, with rubbing;
  • hypersthenic, overweight – deeply penetrating, active massage with tweaks.

The choice of oily composition

Indian Ayurvedic massage is carried out using vegetable oils. It can be a pure fatty oil or a composition of several fatty ones with the addition of essential.

Before use, the oil mixture is heated in a water bath to a comfortable temperature and applied in different quantities – a few drops to each part of the body or poured with a fine stream as necessary.

In ancient times, along with oil, talcum powder or pea flour was used if the skin is very oily. Now there are high-quality cosmetic powders specifically for these purposes with useful substances in the composition – herbal and mineral components that care for oily and prone to rashes.

Sensitive, irritated skin also does not take a lot of oil, it needs a moderate amount or replacement with cosmetic gel. After the procedures, the skin becomes soft, velvety, moist, healthier due to the valuable properties of oils and the healing effects of manual massage. The most commonly used olive or sesame oil, sometimes cocoa or coconut.

Indian head massage

This practice can be part of a large body massage or used separately to quickly relax and restore peace of mind. Massaging some points of the head is a means of correcting well-being during overwork, emotional overload, stress, unstable mood.

The description of the technique includes light circular movements and pressure. So, the point in the area where the fontanel is located in newborns should be vigorously rubbed in a circle with a few drops of facial oil (lighter than for the body, for example, peach or grape seed). Press the point behind the ears lightly enough to stimulate the marma passing there..

Indian face massage perfectly removes accumulated fatigue and irritation, and its side effect is a tightening of the contour and skin, which often interests women much more than the balance of invisible energies.

To quickly “tighten” the face, three tricks are enough.

Lubricate your fingers with cosmetic oil for the face and perform the following movements:

“Scissors” from the index and middle fingers with pressure, draw along the line from the chin to each ear 3-4 times;

with your index finger, lightly press on the hole above the upper lip for 5 seconds, repeat another 3-4 times;

with your ring fingers, press a point in the middle of the zygomatic bone, count to 5 and draw a line to the temples, slightly moving the skin and tissues up and to the side, repeat twice more.

If you feel that your skin warmed up and tingled a little, and also felt a change in your emotional state (there was accumulated irritation, it became easier on the soul, your face seemed to lighten) – then everything is done as it should.

Daily procedures for the whole body or just the head for 10-14 days will return to you both good health and your natural freshness and beauty.

Do not forget that this practice also exists in the form of self-massage, so that you can master its simple techniques and pamper yourself at a time convenient for you and at home. We wish you a pleasant experience and good mood after such a procedure.!