Activated Carbon Face Mask: Instant Skin Cleansing



  • The benefits of activated carbon face masks
  • Activated Carbon Face Mask: Home Recipes
  • Activated carbon face mask: preparation and application

The use of homemade face masks is undeniable, since a hand-made mask made from natural ingredients does not raise doubts about the beneficial effect on the skin. As part of such a product there will be no doubtful products and preservatives, therefore, the risk of allergic rashes, itching, burns and other negative reactions is reduced to zero.

The benefits of activated carbon face masks

Activated carbon has been known as an effective tool in the fight against toxins since ancient times. It is an environmentally friendly wood processing product. Nowadays, its use is multifaceted. This tool is intended for oral administration as a cleansing of the digestive tract from toxins and getting rid of poisoning; as part of special medicines; as part of cosmetic products. Activated carbon face mask is very popular among people who want their skin to be in good shape. In addition, such a mask is able to rid the skin of acne. Coal, as it were, “draws out” the secret of sebum that has clogged the pores, which is the reason for the appearance of black spots and acne. If you have problematic and dry skin, then you can try sour cream face masks..

Activated Carbon Face Mask: Home Recipes

There are several variations of such a tool. An activated carbon face mask is effective in combining charcoal and other components. In particular, consider a few effective facial cleansing masks at home.

Mask number 1. Activated Carbon Gelatin Face Mask.

It copes with black spots and oily skin. For this you will need: 10 gr. gelatin; 1 crushed tablet (powdered) of coal; 2 teaspoons of mineral or boiled water or cold milk. All ingredients are mixed, the dishes are placed for a short time in a microwave oven, after which the mixture should be slightly cooled and then applied to the skin. After 10-20 minutes, when the mask dries, it can be washed off with warm (best boiled) water. A gelatin face mask is known as a good anti-wrinkle treatment..

Mask number 2. Activated carbon face mask with yogurt and lemon.

This mask allows you to whiten the skin, makes less noticeable freckles, age spots, traces after acne. Ingredients: crushed coal (powder) – 25 gr.; 2 tablespoons of yogurt (yogurt can be replaced with sour cream or kefir); 5-10 ml. lemon juice. The resulting mixture is applied for ten minutes to a pre-cleaned face, and then removed with wet wipes.

Mask number 3. Activated carbon gel mask with cosmetic clay.

face masks with activated carbon

Clay can be any, selected according to their own preferences. However, for oily, problematic skin, either black clay or blue clay is better. The composition of this mask includes: one tablet of crushed coal, 10 g of gelatin, 25 g. clay. The resulting mixture is poured with warm milk (1 tablespoon, if necessary, you can add more) and heated in a water bath. The mask is aged for about fifteen minutes – until completely dry. It, in addition to cleansing from black spots, will bring the effect of smoothing the skin relief and help soothe sensitive skin.

Activated carbon face mask: preparation and application

Activated carbon facial cleansing mask has its own application features. Before applying the mask to the face, it is advisable to steam the skin in hot water. So it will be better for the components of the mask to get to the desired layers of the dermis, the pollution will gradually come out. After the mask, you can moisturize the skin with a light face cream, and instead of a cream, you can use a fresh cucumber that wipes the skin. Activated carbon face mask is applied once a week. The course can be 1 month, followed by a break of 2 months. Absolutely all masks are prepared from fresh ingredients. This mask can be alternated with a mask from coffee grounds, which deeply cleanses the pores..

Activated carbon face mask perfectly cleanses the skin.

In addition to the above additional ingredients (cosmetic clay, yogurt, lemon juice, gelatin), others can be used. Combining charcoal with other components, you need to take into account the ultimate goal that the mask for problematic skin of the face should achieve. For example, for dry skin that you want to cleanse from impurities, jojoba oil or coconut oil are perfect. The proportions are as follows: coal (one tablet), 2.5 ml of oil and 5-10 ml of milk or water. For sensitive, inflamed skin, the optimal combination would be a powder of coal (10 g), 5 ml of aloe juice, 5 ml of milk / water. Sea mud with activated carbon will help to cope with oily skin: a charcoal tablet, a teaspoon of mud and a tablespoon of water / milk.

It is very important to know that if there are open wounds on the skin, purulent inflammation, extruded acne, ulcers, then the activated carbon mask should be postponed until the next time until everything is completely healed. As a preventative measure, masks can be used once a week, and if the skin suffers from serious rashes, a large number of black spots, it is possible to increase the number of procedures up to two times a week.