Scabies – Symptoms and signs.


If white thin stripes resembling a labyrinth appear on the skin, it is possible that this is the work of the scabies mite. Signs of scabies deprive the patient of peace, since this parasitic disease is accompanied by severe itching of the dermis, especially at night. It is important to pay attention to the symptoms, timely treat a characteristic ailment.

The first symptoms of scabies

The very name of the diagnosis implies the action of “itching”, so skin itching is the eternal companion of such a pathological process. If we talk about the first symptoms of scabies, this is a rash that is evenly distributed throughout the body. It is very itchy, and such a desire is especially acute in the evening. Neither an adult patient nor a child can control this unconditioned reflex..

Rashes on the skin acquire a deep red color, while provoking increased swelling of the dermis. Some patients attribute such changes in overall well-being to an allergic reaction, progressive dermatitis. However, it becomes obvious to more observant people that this is scabies – specific symptoms are present. We are talking about scabies, which are presented on the body in the form of a picture. If the disease prevails at the initial stage, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of scabies in adults

More often the ailment worsens in childhood, but adults are not immune from infection with the scabies mite. Determine the presence of parasites is available to all affected persons. The first symptoms of adult scabies begin with nocturnal itching, which pierces almost the entire body. At first, the patient cannot understand what is the reason for such radical changes in overall health, but then he pays attention to other signs of the disease. It:

Girl scratches her hand

Scabies in children symptoms

In childhood, the disease progresses in contact with infected people. The incubation period lasts up to 2 weeks, after which the child complains of a rash, itching and burning of the skin. The first symptoms of scabies in children make the child nervous, tearful and very irritable. The initial foci of pathology are the arms, legs, groin, face and head.

If the parents did not pay attention to the symptoms in the child, the rash continues to spread throughout the body. This time it affects the feet, elbows, armpit area, cervical spine. The child is very itchy, while independently noticing a thin pattern on the body from scabies mites. The disease itself will not go away, it is urgent to be treated.

Stages of scabies

The disease manifests itself in stages, has several forms and stages. If you look at the photos of infected people, you can conclude how to recognize scabies. It is important to understand that the disease is dangerous at any stage, since a healthy person is highly likely to become infected. Even if the first symptoms do not appear, this does not mean that after 2 weeks they will also not be.

More often, large females of childbearing age infect. If this type of scabies progresses, the initial stage can demonstrate alarming symptoms only 4 weeks after infection. This is an acute allergic reaction to the waste products of scabies mites. Mandatory conservative treatment, compliance with basic knowledge of prevention.

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Scabies on the body

For clarity of the symptoms of the disease, you can study numerous photos on thematic portals. Every child and adult should know how scabies manifests itself, what skin changes to pay attention to. On the body, you can see thin lines of white color 5-15 mm in length. They are very itchy, in the absence of effective therapy, their number is rapidly increasing. Scabies on the body is an obvious phenomenon, so do not persistently ignore the pronounced signs of this parasitic disease. Otherwise, the number of tick moves on the skin will increase several times.

Ear scabies

In the dermatologist’s office, in the photo you can see patients with different types of this disease. Ear scabies is especially common in children. Carriers of parasites are animals from which a person becomes infected. This can happen at any age, but more often non-specific symptoms are common in children. This is severe itching in the absence of scabies. Treatment is not required, it is necessary to stop contact with a sick animal. If you are interested in what the scabies look like, you can ask a dermatologist. In any case, for a person the diagnosis is not dangerous. Its symptoms are as follows:

  • puffiness of the skin;
  • visible inflammation of the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • severe itching, especially at rest;
  • insomnia;
  • excessive irritability.

Girl scratches ear

Norwegian scabies

Currently, even a child knows how to determine scabies, however, to complete the clinical picture, you have to consult a specialist. Especially dangerous is Norwegian scabies, which often develops in people with reduced immunity. Children with congenital malformations, drug addicts, AIDS carriers and tuberculosis patients were at risk. The pathology may look like a classic form, but it causes serious complications in the body. If you are interested in how scabies begins, what its symptoms look like, the features of the clinical picture are presented below:

  • swelling of the skin;
  • the appearance of a pale rash with further redness and spread throughout the body;
  • disturbance of the phase of sleep, a tendency to chronic insomnia;
  • filling old scabies with purulent contents, the formation of crusts;
  • the effect of “sensory anesthesia”, ie, the complete absence of itching, burning;
  • secondary complications in the form of rheumatic fever;
  • instability of the nervous system.
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