Face Care Important Rules


There is a certain set of cosmetics that every woman should have, as well as a certain sequence in which they are applied. Knowledge of this sequence will allow you to have in your arsenal the necessary daily care products and always look well-groomed and beautiful.


Stages of skin care

Toning – facial skin

Many neglect this stage and make a big mistake, especially if a woman regularly does makeup. The tonic has three functions, each of which prevents premature skin aging:
– restores the protective acid mantle;
– completely removes makeup residues;
– supports skin tone.
Daily use of tonics is a prerequisite for maintaining healthy and youthful skin, as well as effective prevention of wilting.


Moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin

Cream is one of the basic cosmetics, from which great results are expected. Expectations will be justified, provided that the cream is correctly selected and regularly and correctly used: the cream should be applied precisely along the massage lines after cleansing and toning. At the same time, it stays on the skin long enough, which guarantees its maximum effect..

Special skin care products

So, basic care (cleaning, toning, moisturizing, nourishing, protecting) is part of our daily habit. But what if the skin is problematic, hypersensitive or needs intensive nutrition, if there are age spots or wrinkles on it? In this case, you must use special tools designed to solve your specific problem, highly effective therapeutic creams, gels and serums.


The selection of such a tool requires more care than daily care. For skin prone to acne, choose products suitable for skin care. problem skin,  for severe problems, it is recommended to consult a cosmetologist who will help you choose a product that is ideal for your skin.


How to understand if a cream is right for you – instructions

Pay attention to the texture of the cream. Squeeze a drop onto your hand and look at it. If a drop immediately loses its shape and spreads, then this is a light texture. If it retains its original shape for a long time, it is a dense texture. For oily skin or oily skin, a light texture is best..


But for dry or prone to dryness, you should choose dense, fatty creams.
Determine the degree of oily cream. Take a little cream and rub between the thumb and forefinger, feel how quickly the fingers began to feel each other. The faster this happened, the lower the fat content of the cream. Greasy cream is required for dry and aging skin..


Tactile sensations. If possible, try a drop of cream on your forearm and lightly rub it. Evaluate if the cream spreads well over the skin.
Estimate the rate of absorption of the cream. The night cream should be absorbed more slowly than the day, but ideally, both should be completely absorbed and not leave a feeling of heaviness due to increased fat content, film or tightness. A suitable cream does not require repeated application. It brings a sense of comfort the first time..
Listen to the sensations on the skin after 20-30 minutes: if there is tingling, pinching, itching or burning, the skin does not redden under the cream, or blisters, spots or streaks of irritation appear. You should like the feeling on the skin! If you have such symptoms, then immediately wash off the cream and do not use it anymore, as this can lead to negative consequences.