Face contouring: blush


Blush designed to make the face fresh and rested, emphasizing its tenderness. They can also be used to correct facial contours..

How to apply blush

The application of blush is considered one of the most difficult makeup techniques. The flawlessness of the result depends on how carefully you blend it. To achieve a natural effect when applying blush, sharp boundaries should be avoided. In order for the face to acquire a healthy glow, it is necessary to choose the right shade of blush. In addition, it is important to accurately determine the face’s weaknesses and advantages..

How to apply blush

Facial modeling with blush

Facial modeling with blush is achieved by changing the blush pattern: triangle, rhombus, rectangle. Blush applied to the cheekbones are called the main blush. Blushers that perform corrective functions along the contour of the face are considered additional.


How to use blush

Blush begins to be applied from the hairline, gradually descending down the cheekbone, but maintaining the direction of the massage lines. Blush is typed with a brush only once. When applying, make sure that the color saturation decreases from the hairline towards the wings of the nose. Extra blush should be applied with short movements along the massage lines. The procedure ends by blending the simulated pattern with a large brush..


When choosing a blush color, it is necessary to take into account the level of skin contrast and hair color to determine the saturation of the shade.

Blush Tips

To create an exquisite face relief, pull the cheeks inward to indicate the cheekbones. On the protruding part of the cheekbones, apply blush, avoiding going beyond the contour of the cheekbones. Otherwise, if the blush gets on the area around the eyes, the face may become tired, with the effect of swelling.

To create the effect of a light glow, smile so that “apples” appear on the cheeks – they are located exactly in the middle of the face. Apply blush horizontally on the area of ​​the “apple” of the cheek and lightly blend. Try not to apply blush on the area of ​​the face, located at a distance of 2 fingers from the nose, while also avoiding the area around the eyes.

How to apply blush

If you want to make the broad face thinner, apply blush with a wide strip from the top of the cheekbone towards the tip of the nose. Stop at the line running under the outer edge of the iris and brush up at an angle to the top of your ear.
To optically make a narrow face wider, apply blush from the outer edge of the eye, blending them with a backward movement (but not upward), towards the middle of the ear.


Remember that blush should also be in harmony with the shade of lipstick.
Make sure that the blush is applied evenly, without smears and stains. Apply blush in daylight using a large fluffy brush.

Before applying blush on your cheeks, shake off excess by gently tapping the back of your hand with a brush. Try not to blend the blush towards your nose or downward movements. Blush shading is done only up and towards the outside of the face.

Give your cheeks a natural color with a warm blush. Apply a little blush on those areas of the face that are most open to the sun: whiskey, chin and tip of the nose.
To keep the blush longer on the skin, carefully spread the day cream on the face, then apply powder on it. Apply blush on your face and lightly powder them with a brush.