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Botox injections: myths and reality

Beauty injections, as many call injections with Botox, are today one of the main helpers in the fight against unwanted wrinkles. In the cosmetology market, this procedure is more than ten years old. During this time, not only a large number of satisfied consumers appeared, but also many opponents of such injections. Is there really any harm from popular beauty injections and is their effect magical? Which rumors are true and which are simple fiction?


What is Botox? Botox injections

1. The effect of Botox is that it fills wrinkles from the inside out. Injections can be given all over the face, and with it you can increase the volume of lips.

It is a myth. This injection is intramuscular. Its main purpose in cosmetology is the relaxation of the desired muscle, which is responsible for the formation of wrinkles. For this very reason, at a specialist appointment, you will most likely be asked to frown – in order to correctly determine the place of administration of the drug. Before Botox injection was used in medicine. Therefore, you need to approach this procedure seriously and contact qualified specialists. The drug is injected into the frontal part (between the eyebrows), under the eyes (the outer corners of the eyes, where the first small wrinkles most often form) and sometimes around the lips – to improve the contour and smooth the skin. That is, to increase the volume of the lips or change their shape, this procedure is not suitable.


2. Botox may be harmful.

It’s true. But only if the procedure is incorrect.

When a specialist incorrectly selects the necessary dose or incorrectly determines the injection site, this can lead to unpleasant consequences, including such as drooping of the eyelid, asymmetry of the face, and even strabismus.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you go to the clinic, and not to the beauty salon. Also, be aware that after opening the bottle, the effectiveness of the drug is lost every hour. So do not be shy and ask for the container to be opened right in front of you. Negative actions can also occur if injections are abused. In this regard, it is necessary to start using such services at a more mature age and only after consulting a doctor. It is better to carry out the procedure no more than twice a year.

3. If after the introduction of Botox all safety precautions are followed, the effect of the drug can last up to 12 months.

This is both a myth and a truth. As for recommendations after injections, this is a mandatory rule.

In the first hours after the procedure:

  • You can not take an upright position, engage in sports and other physical activities. This is necessary so that the muscles can relax properly..
  • Avoid steaming the skin, do not apply cream and do facial massage.
  • As many emotions as possible! Smile, frown, grimace – this will protect you from the wrong distribution of the drug.

2 weeks after the procedure:

  • No alcohol. This is enemy number one. Alcohol should not be taken at least two days before injections..
  • Intensive sports are also banned.
  • The use of antibiotics and analgesics is strictly not recommended..

If you follow all the rules, then you can enjoy excellent results and smooth skin. The effect lasts an average of two to six months. The fact that the effect of the drug reaches ten months or more is a myth.


In general, the popular Botox beauty injections are truly magical. They are able to give youth and beauty, and also help to avoid surgical plastic surgery of the face. After all, the result, in the literal sense of the word, is obvious. But do not forget about security measures and contraindications. Be careful and take good care of your health..

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