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One of the most beautiful cities in Turkey is Marmaris, located in the south-west of the country. The coast is a merger of two seas – the Aegean and the Mediterranean, a cozy bay, where there are three picturesque islands nearby. It is considered a fun youth resort, but Marmaris is also very good for family holidays..

When to go to Marmaris

Turkey – Marmaris

The best time to relax in Marmaris

Marmaris is a typically European resort. Even the prices here are European – higher than in other Turkish regions. The beach season here is short-lived – it begins in May, but ends by October. Therefore, if your goals include swimming and sunbathing, the summer months are the best time to relax in Marmaris. By the beginning of summer, water warms up to +21 degrees, air – up to +25. In July and August it gets hotter here – from +33 to +40 degrees Celsius. However, the high temperature here is not exhausting, the humidity is not high, and therefore the heat is tolerated without problems.

Turkey - Marmaris

Turkey – Marmaris

The summer months are a time of youth gathering in Marmaris. Here is Europe’s longest street of discos and nightclubs..

Turkey - Marmaris-1

Turkey – Marmaris

Marmaris is popular not only for its beaches, but also for its beautiful nature. Pine and eucalyptus forests, mountains and the sea make this resort a wonderful recreational area. Spa complexes at hotels often offer their services all year round.

Turkey - Marmaris-2

Turkey – Marmaris

If you have enough fresh sea air and beautiful nature, and the rains that occur here in autumn and winter from time to time can not spoil your vacation, you can save a lot by purchasing an inexpensive tour to Marmaris in the off-season. Moreover, the winters are mild here – the thermometer’s column rarely drops below 14 degrees with a plus. Indeed, in addition to beaches and youth discos, Marmaris is also interesting from the point of view of historical heritage. The excursion program here can be quite eventful. You can wander around the ancient castle of Kale, go to the island of Cleopatra or visit Tashkhan – a stone inn. In addition, ferries depart from Marmara to the Greek island of Rhodes, which is nearby.

Turkey - Marmaris-5

Turkey – Marmaris

If you are a fan of diving, windsurfing or yachting – welcome to Marmaris. Here these areas of outdoor activities are very well developed. Even if you are a beginner, do not be shy, qualified instructors and specialized schools work in Marmaris.

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