Which suitcase to choose for travel

When choosing a travel suitcase, the main criterion is quality. Broken wheels, torn handles or jammed lightning can turn a long trip into a torment, so look around your new store assistant with special care. Does this mean that you should choose the most expensive instance? Not at all! Experienced travelers claim that the price of a suitcase does not at all speak about its quality. Overpaying for a luxurious appearance and threatening combination locks, you just attract extra looks to your luggage. Let your personal handbag, which you always carry with you, be beautiful, and the suitcase should be convenient, reliable and practical. However, this does not mean that you can save on a purchase – in this matter, as always, it is important to find a reasonable “middle ground”.


Half of the successful journey will depend on how to choose the right and reliable suitcase on wheels. The fast pace of modern life requires a woman to be active and purposeful. For many of us, travels from long-awaited events turn into a routine necessity. Carefully thought out little things will help to make the road easier and more pleasant..
How to choose a suitcase on wheels? What to look for?

How to choose a good luggage case


There are models with two wheels and four. Both the one and the other have their own fans. The first ones assure that the two wheels are more maneuverable and passable, the second emphasize that the four wheels reduce the load on the handle and drive almost by themselves. Ride your suitcase in the store and check everything yourself. Pay attention not only to the number of wheels, but also to their design. Ideally, they should be hidden inside, built-in, otherwise they may break when hit. Do not choose plastic options, the best modern option is helium.



The most convenient handle on the suitcase is adjustable, retractable. The telescopic handle must be completely hidden in the folded position so as not to break during transport. It is advisable to choose an option with several handles, just in case, and they were sewn securely. Be sure to try them on your hand so that nothing stings and does not rub.



Well, to choose a suitcase is bright and noticeable – you will see it from afar, there is less chance that it will be forgotten or lost. But the color should be practical, not fade in the sun, easy to wash.


A travel bag should be lightweight, so discard eye-catching leather or metal models. Choose plastic or fabric suitcases with a frame inside. Be sure to ensure that the material is waterproof and scratch and shock resistant..


The size

Large size is not always good. For example, during frequent flights it is convenient to travel only with hand luggage, so as not to wait for baggage, therefore it is advisable to have two suitcases: smaller (up to 10 liters) and larger (optimally up to 20 liters). Spend a little time choosing a good quality suitcase on wheels, and this part will be your good friend on long trips.

Bon voyage and safe travel!