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Design of short nails: photos of the best options 2017

Design of short nails: photos of the best options 2017

We all are not averse to decorating our nails with beautiful drawings or doing some unusual manicure. But, you must admit, girls with long nails have a place to roam, but not all the drawings are suitable for owners of short ones..


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The main rules for the design of short nails

Firstly, the design of short nails should first of all visually extend the nail. Secondly, the drawing should not be complicated, and its elements are better to be large enough. Many small details overload manicure. Thirdly, it is better to choose pastel colors as the base color of the manicure. In this case, the fingers are visually lengthened. These are the three main rules that you should adhere to if you want to complete the design of short nails. Now let’s see what trendy drawings can be used for manicure of small nails.

Short Nail Design: Popular Drawings

We all know that vertical stripes on clothes visually stretch a figure. The same principle applies in manicure. When you design with gel polish on short nails, try to choose patterns with vertical or diagonal lines. A perfect option for such a manicure can be a half moon design, the photo of which will be given below. Half moon manicure for short nails looks very stylish and is easy enough.

There are several ways, but the easiest use of stencils.

Strange as it may seem on short nails, a picture in the form of small peas looks good, only gel varnishes should be chosen not very contrasting in color. It is better that they are in the same color scheme, then the manicure will look more natural. By the way, about naturalness. In 2016, a nude style manicure will be very popular, i.e. made in pastel colors. You can also see the design of short nails in the nude style photo below. Short nails fit drawings in the style of minimalism.

For example, closer to the edge in the center of the nail, you can draw an elongated rectangle. Moreover, the main tone of gel polish should be light, and the rectangle dark, for example, beige and gray will be a good combination.

Do not forget about the classic French manicure, only performing it on short nails with a strip at the edge of the nail you need to do as thin and neat as possible. Then the French manicure will not visually shorten the nails.

Short Nail Design: Half Moon Manicure

Short Nail Design: Pea Pattern

Short Nail Design: Manicure Nude

Beige gel polish for short nails

Short Nail Design: French Manicure

Design of short nails: photos of the best options 2017

Short Nail Design: Vertical Striped Manicure

Step-by-step photo of bright design of short nails

You can make yourself a bright summer manicure at home. To do this, you need colored gel polishes and the ability to use stamping plates for design.

We apply the base, then a gel polish of white color with a thick consistency, after that we take a black gel polish for stamping, a plate and a stamp, apply a texture for the picture. After our stencil is ready, take a thin brush and paint the nail with colored gel varnishes. At the end, we cover the nails with the top.

Here is such a bright summer design you will succeed. It looks good even on short nails..

Short Nail Design Manicure

Recently, nail art masters use a practical and fairly resistant shellac coating. with the help of modern gel polishes, you can perform almost any kind of manicure.

In 2017, oriental design, manicure in pastel colors will be fashionable, gold and matte manicure will retain their popularity, patchwork style will come into fashion, but with it, owners of short nails need to be careful because of the many small details in the picture.

As already mentioned above, minimalism and unusual abstract designs on nails will be popular, moreover, geometric shapes are pertinent. It is also worthwhile to cancel the design of short nails with stripes and spraying from the flock, special powder or sparkles. For the design of short nails as never before in 2017 it will be relevant to use various accessories for manicure, but the main thing is that they are not too large and voluminous.

On short nails, the design with a metallic crumb will look great, which you can buy separately or choose a varnish where it is already present in the composition. These are, perhaps, the main recommendations that you should adhere to if you want to make nail design fashionable in 2017. As for the shape of the nails, in 2017 natural shapes and short nails will be popular. Especially for you, a collection of photos and fashion news of the design of short nails has been compiled. Blow through, experiment and you will surely find options that are right for you.

Short nails design: patchwork style manicure photo

Short nails design: patchwork style manicure photo

Design of short nails with stylish stripes: photos

On short nails, dark shades of gel polishes also look good. The main thing is to choose a shape and pattern. Pretty nice on the nails looks a new kind of inverted moon manicure with triangles and negative space.

Design of short nails: photo

Design of short nails with rhinestones and microbeads: photo

The design of short nails can combine a matte surface and a shiny top. This combination looks especially beautiful on black gel polish..

Design of short nails: photo

Design of short nails: photo

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