How to make a wooden table yourself

Recently, the use of wood objects with minimal processing in the interior has become very popular. It can be not only decorative elements from branches or bark, but also furniture. For example, it’s not at all difficult to make a small country-style coffee table with your own hands..

How to make a wooden hemp table yourself

A small stump, 3 or 4 swivel wheels for making legs, a drill, screws, sandpaper or grinder, brushes, polyurethane varnish.

We make a table in 3 stages:

We prepare a stump, varnish, fix the legs. The size of the table may be different, it depends on your desire. If the workpiece is too large, give it the right size with a chainsaw. You can remove the bark, or you can leave it. Then you need to sand the hemp base.

table of a wooden stump

After preparing the hemp, cover its entire surface with clear polyurethane varnish. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the varnish is completely dry..

On the bottom of the hemp, mark where the legs will be located (at least three pieces).

Drill holes and fix the legs.

You can put a table next to an armchair, sofa or bed. The natural pattern in the form of rings on the top looks very impressive. Despite the fact that the solid wood table is heavy, it is easy to move due to the legs with wheels.

Cool ideas from wooden hemp: photos

Cool ideas of a wooden stump
Cool ideas of a wooden stump
Cool ideas of a wooden stump
Cool ideas of a wooden stump