Who uses coconut oil for what?

Coconut tree is one of the oldest plants on planet Earth. It reaches a height of 30 m, the leaves look like a fan. Fruits can feed in hunger and save from thirst. While the nut is immature, it contains up to 2 liters of sweet and sour liquid. As the fruit ripens, it thickens, turns into a copra – into flesh.

We determine the quality of the product

The substance used in cosmetology to provide perfect body care is made from coconut pulp. It is first dried, and then oil is squeezed out, which is valued for containing a large amount of lauric acid in it..

Coconut oil is clear, but may have yellowish tones of varying intensity. In the future, it can be refined – a purified substance is used in medicine and cosmetology.

It is very simple to determine which product you purchased. Unrefined substance freezes very quickly in the refrigerator, while refined substance becomes viscous and viscous. Until the product is distilled, it is not refined; you can enjoy the pleasant aroma of coconut. Refined odorless oil.

Beauticians advise to apply only refined oil to the skin of the body – its action is much more effective.

The use of exotics for body care

Coconut body oil is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It accelerates the healing of trophic ulcers, softens the scar surface, and contributes to the rapid restoration of the skin. A gross body, if it is regularly treated with an oily refined substance, gradually acquires a pleasant velvety. The dried skin under its influence gets a tone.

If you add coconut oil to the cream, you can get an exceptionally beautiful tan and reduce the risk of sunburn..

This oil substance neutralizes the adverse effects of the environment. In summer, it saves from excess ultraviolet, in winter from the harmful effects of frosty air and gusts of cold wind.

Coconut essential oil activates the properties of anti-aging agents. Thanks to this component, the cream or gel is completely absorbed, which contributes to the disappearance of small wrinkles. Apply enriched product to wet skin.

Do not confuse essential oil and fatty. Essential is extracted from the leaves and bark of the plant, it has a persistent aroma, glycerol is absent in its composition. Fatty is produced from the pulp of fruits and does not differ in persistent aroma.

Essential oils are applied to the body only in conjunction with the base – exceptions: patchouli, lavender and tea tree.

Recipes for improving skin quality

If coconut body oil is combined with other ingredients, the cosmetic will act more efficiently..

The following recipes can be recommended..

To increase the elasticity of the body, coconut base oil in an amount of 15 g is enriched with orange essential oil.

The fight against stretch marks will help win an oil remedy in which coconut fatty is used as the base, and rosemary essential as the activator. Substances are combined in a water bath – 20 g of the base for 5 drops of activator. Then applied to problem areas with massage tapping movements until completely absorbed..

To combat cellulite make up a special cream for wrapping. White cosmetic clay and coconut oil are mixed in equal amounts, and essential orange is added. For 60 g of the base mixture, add 7 drops of activator.

Based on coconut oil, you can make a scrub that will not only free the surface of the skin from obsolete epithelial cells, but also at the same time increase its tone. Mix the oil with sea salt in equal amounts and unsweetened yogurt or kefir dilute the substance to a consistency of sour cream of medium density.

You can experiment on your own by adding coconut oil to various products and mixing with other ingredients. But you need to remember, if the substance has not passed refining, then you can only combine it with the oil substance of vanilla or cocoa – otherwise you will get sugary odors.

Despite the fact that there are no contraindications except for individual intolerance, there is no way to use the skin, young, coconut oil will not be able to make the skin already affected by withering. It is suitable for dealing with the first age problems. In other cases, softens, moisturizes, but does not restore.

DIY cosmetic product

When buying coconut oil for body skin in the store you can admire the beautiful packaging and enjoy the aromatic smell. But it is known that the natural refined substance has no smell. It turns out that you will have to use a product with improvers and preservatives, and this increases the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Refuse a unique product is not worth it, coconut oil can be made independently:

  • Coconut shavings purchased at the store. This is a natural coconut pulp, only dried. You can make a remedy out of coconut pulp by rubbing it on a grater, but it will have to be dried beforehand;
  • Chips in the amount of 4-5 tablespoons are poured with water so that it slightly covers the surface and put on fire;
  • Constantly mixing, bring to a boil and cook until thickened;
  • Filter the resulting substance through several layers of gauze – to obtain oil, you need a liquid;
  • The liquid is refrigerated.

The top film is a necessary product – coconut oil. Shelf life – 2 weeks.

Do not drain the liquid. It can also be used for body care as an emollient. Shelf life is a little less – 7 days. It is best to pour it into a container with a spray, then it will be more convenient to use.

Coconut water is effective not only in the fight against dry skin, but can also help get rid of brittle hair. It is applied after shampooing and is not washed off..

The positive properties of independently made coconut oil include not only absolute naturalness, but also a pleasant light aroma. If you have coconut oil at hand, the skin will always be soft, supple and delight with velvety.