How to use peppermint oil for problematic, combination and oily skin?

Essential oils have long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases and for skin and hair care. Today, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep your skin in perfect condition. Now we will tell you all the features and recommendations for the use of peppermint oil. Many people like its aroma due to its invigorating effect..

It is also used in cooking and in everyday life, for example, to repel insects. It can be bought ready-made at the pharmacy or cooked at home.

Peppermint oil in folk medicine

The beneficial properties of this plant have been known for a long time, which go on to essential oil. Get it by processing leaves and stems with steam distillation.

Consider the main properties:

The substances that are in the plant have a positive effect on the action of the nervous system, which, in turn, helps to cope with a stressful condition, insomnia and headache. It is used to invigorate and tone the body;

It is used during the period of active spread of viruses and various infections. In traditional medicine, peppermint is used in the treatment of influenza and to lower body temperature;

  • Another important property of peppermint oil is help with hoarseness and a strong cough, as it acts as an emollient;
  • It has a positive effect on blood circulation and acts as an antispasmodic;
  • The action of the digestive tract improves, which helps to significantly improve the digestive system;
  • The product has a warming and vasodilating effect..

Mint is part of various syrups and cough tablets, as well as other drugs for treating throat, problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Cosmetic use

This tool is considered universal, as it is suitable for all skin types. Only for dry it is necessary to use additional moisturizing ingredients, for example, honey, vegetable oil, egg yolk, etc..

With regular use, you can achieve excellent results and get rid of many problems. Mint is most often used for problem skin, as it narrows the pores and regulates the sebaceous glands..

To get rid of acne, various inflammations and bacterial dermatitis, you need to apply the product pointwise. For women with dry skin, peppermint helps retain water in the skin. If in the morning to use funds based on it in the morning, then you can get rid of traces of fatigue..

For the face, mint can be used to lighten age spots and to even out skin color. It improves blood circulation and helps get rid of the vascular network on the face. Another important property of peppermint, especially for older women, is to reduce the risk of wrinkles..

Means for combination and problem skin:

  • Make tonic ice cubes that can be used on tired and sluggish skin. They also contribute to cleansing. Combine 1 teaspoon of honey, 4 drops of oil and 200 ml of water. Pour into molds and freeze. Use 2 times a day after washing;
  • Those who have skin problems can prepare a mask with an antiseptic effect. Combine blue clay, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of water and 2 drops of peppermint and lemon oil. Apply to skin for 20 minutes. and rinse with warm water;
  • For the beauty of the skin, you can use mint lotion. It acts as a stimulant and tonic, and also improves metabolism. Take a spray bottle and combine 150 ml of mineral water and 5 drops;
  • You can make a mask that will help refresh your skin. It is recommended to be applied not only to the face, but also to the neck. Mix 3 tbsp. tablespoons of oatmeal and 2 drops of oil. As a result, you will get a wonderful nourishing and tonic. It will help get rid of fine wrinkles..

With regular use, the protective functions of the skin improve, which helps to resist the influence of negative environmental factors, as well as a decrease in sensitivity to irritants.

Mint for hair

Hair care can be done with peppermint oil. One interesting feature: during the cold, it warms, and cools during the heat. The tool has a strengthening effect that will help to stop hair loss..

In addition, it increases their growth. For hair, do not use oil in its pure form, as this can lead to burns..

How can I use a hair care product:

You can simply enrich your regular shampoo by adding a few drops to it. Apply shampoo for 10 minutes. and only then wash it off. Use it 2 times a week;

Combine 4 drops of peppermint oil, 2 tbsp. tablespoons and apply the mask on the scalp. This will get rid of excess fluid, dandruff, increase growth and volume;

You can just comb with mint. To do this, apply a few drops on a wooden comb and walk through their hair. Such procedures will help give softness and shine..

To use peppermint oil for the face and lips, it is best to mix it with olive. This will help get rid and prevent the occurrence of herpes, wounds and various cracks that most often appear from the wind. It acts as a disinfectant that prevents skin infections and reduces the risk of purulent processes..

If you use peppermint, then when applied to the lips, you can visually increase them for several hours. This is due to improved blood circulation..

How to make peppermint oil yourself?

It is important to add a base, the role of which can be performed, for example, by peach seed oil or olive. You can buy them at almost any pharmacy or store. To make the oil, it’s important to use a recently plucked plant, so grow it in your home garden or on the windowsill.

Leaves need to be collected in the morning, since it is at this time that they contain the largest number of juices. Choose only bright leaves without any darkening. After bringing mint, rinse thoroughly in running water and leave to dry completely..

Then put it in a dense plastic bag, in which greens and vegetables are usually stored in the freezer, and beat the leaves to make natural juice stand out. Take a glass jar, transfer the contents of the package into it, fill it with a base, close the lid and shake it thoroughly. Leave it all for a day. Then strain using cheesecloth and discard all unnecessary.

The next day, repeat the procedure, only fill with already prepared oil. Do this for 3 days in a row. Then take a container of dark glass, pour the finished product into it, close it tightly and place it in a dark, cool place. The properties of this oil are in no way inferior to industrial options..

Contraindications to the use of mint

It is forbidden to use the product for children under 7 years of age, as well as for pregnant and breast-feeding women. If you use homeopathic medicines, then do not use peppermint, as it cancels their effect. It is not recommended to use peppermint in large quantities, as this can lead to insomnia. Do not apply it on the skin around the eyes..

The remedy is contraindicated in the presence of individual intolerance. You can check this by applying a drop to the skin and see if there is redness, irritation or a burn. It is also important to say that when using it, make sure that the oil does not get into the eyes and other mucous membranes.

Bringing Beauty!

As you can see, peppermint oil is not only an excellent tool for the treatment of certain diseases, but also for the beauty of the skin.

If you choose this tool for yourself and you will use it, following all the recommendations, then in a few weeks you will notice the first results.