Nose hair: getting rid of an unattractive visual effect

Almost every one of us knows why hair grows in the nose. Nasal “cilia”, as they are called differently, serve as a powerful shield for the penetration of dust and various pathogenic bacteria that provoke diseases of the upper respiratory tract. But if this “barrier” grows extremely densely and literally sticks out of the nostrils, it will not give any appearance to aesthetics.

Long nose hair is noted in both men and women. And the fight for their tidy appearance should be representatives of both sexes.

Since a high amount of estrogen is concentrated in the fair sex, this problem is less acute and common for them.

In men, whose testosterone rules the body, it is much more common..

Despite the fact that scientists have long proved the inappropriateness of removing cilia, the number of people who want to remove them from their nostrils has not decreased.

Tweezing: remove immediately!

If hair grows on the nose, and they reduce the quality of life until the appearance of psychological discomfort and complexes, it is necessary to deal with them. Some ladies make a serious mistake deciding to pluck unwanted vegetation with eyebrow tweezers.

This should never be done.!

First of all, it is a very painful, hardly tolerant procedure;

After such a radical procedure, natural trauma to the nasal mucosa occurs. Incidentally, it is not recommended to “pinch” the hairs even above the upper lip, since the skin in the nasolabial triangle is the most tender on the entire face. When you pluck the hair from the nose, a small wound remains in its place, which does not heal for a long time due to constant contact with mucus – a natural moisturizer of the nasopharynx. Due to the fact that the protective mechanism is now absent, pathogenic microorganisms can easily penetrate into it. As a result, a rather painful inflammatory process occurs, and even suppuration, or the appearance of a boil;

Do you know that you can die from such a “harmless” procedure? Quote: “Recently, a friend of mine died. Do not believe how stupid this death was. A month ago, she removed twisted hair from her nostrils with tweezers, touched a blood vessel, an infection entered her body, sepsis began … She could not be saved. This is truly awful. ”Is it worth giving comments on this, or trying to convince you to refrain from such manipulations further? Touching the “branch” of the circulatory system, the minimum that you “get off” is bleeding. And keep in mind that the whole process can even be fatal. For the same reason, doctors strongly recommend that you refrain from piercing the nose, or do it with specialists with a medical background..

You already understood that it is better to refuse categorically from tweezers. Its use is not only dangerous, but also completely unreasonable. The magnificent hair in the nose of beautiful girls is certainly a non-standard and unpleasant phenomenon, but you only need to hide it from prying eyes, which means that you can do without the usual “haircut” of long tips.

Are there any chances to deal with insidious “cilia”?

How to quickly remove nose hair? If this needs to be done urgently, it is enough to resort to the help of ordinary manicure scissors. Carefully trim the ends of unattractive vegetation – and your problem is solved. It doesn’t hurt and is absolutely safe, unless you push the prongs of the scissors far into the nostril and scratch the mucous membrane.

A trimmer is a great alternative to scissors. This product was originally designed for men, and its concept was to help remove the hard hair of the nostrils and auricles..

Later, when the world community appreciated the ease and convenience of the device, they began to produce it for women. Moreover, for lovely ladies, three special nozzles are provided – for the nose, ears and the most delicate areas of the “bikini” zone.

The nose hair trimmer has a comfortable rounded tip. You enter the infusor into the nostril and rotate a little, and the nozzle, meanwhile, excises all the grown hairs. The nozzle is designed so as not to injure the delicate mucous membrane and not affect it in any way. This determines the absolute safety of the trimmer and the painlessness of its use..

Otolaryngologists unanimously note that removing hair with a trimmer is most acceptable from the point of view of maintaining the health of the nasal cavity.

Waxing is not only suitable for the body.!

Leading Austrian cosmetologists have developed an unprecedented version of how to remove nose hair. To this end, they began to use special wax. The procedure, however, was developed exclusively for men, since its ancestors naively suggested that a woman would not tolerate such pain for the sake of getting rid of nasal vegetation. But for a lady who regularly resorts to using an epilator, such a procedure may seem like a paradise!

The mechanism of its action is based on the removal of only those hairs that protrude significantly beyond the nostrils. So, the mucous membrane is not injured, its integrity is not damaged. The essence of the application is as follows: a special strip is taken, on which heated wax is applied, with the help of an applicator the design is introduced into the base of the nostrils, the hairs cling to the sticky agent and solidify, after which the strip is removed with a sharp movement.

This feeling cannot be called pleasant, but the pain passes quickly, but the result lasts for a long time. Before the procedure, you can use special creams with anesthetic effect, for example, Emla ointment.

Salon equipment – cool hair removal

For those who are tired of struggling with nasal “cilia” in the above ways, there is a procedure performed by specially trained masters. If you are looking for a way to stop cutting nose hair and get rid of it for a long time – you should try cool hair removal.

It implies the destruction of hairs by a precisely directed laser beam. This procedure is intact and completely safe, with it there is no heating and destruction of the nasal mucosa, the action is directed only to the hair follicles.

This removal takes a long time, but the hair disappears for several years. And some forever.

Why cut, shave, or snatch nose hair? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, but one thing is clear – for the sake of visual improvement of appearance. Which method to choose from the above is up to you. Be beautiful, and let nothing spoil your appearance in the eyes of others!

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