Let the skin be smooth as silk: get rid of hair forever!

Surely you have at least once heard an expression about the “awakening” of hair follicles during the growth of hair or eyebrows. Indeed, the lion’s share of women seeks to strengthen and activate hair follicles, but … in certain places. With the rest of the body, things are fundamentally different.

How to get rid of leg hair?

The hairs on the legs, in the armpits, groin and over the upper lip are by no means capable of decorating the female appearance. Therefore, we are struggling with unwanted hairs more diligently, using all known and innovative methods..

As a result of all the traditional removal manipulations, they begin to grow even more rapidly, become unprecedentedly tough and thick. In desperation, we are looking for recipes that will help us permanently “kill” the follicles, or “put them to sleep” for a sufficiently long time..

Among the well-known long-term methods for eliminating unwanted hair are photoepilation and laser hair removal. These cosmetic procedures performed by qualified specialists in professionally equipped rooms can save you from unnecessary vegetation forever.

But both procedures are expensive, and the larger the cultivated area, the higher the final cost of hair removal. For example, if you decide to get rid of the vegetation on your feet, you will have to pay a tidy sum to your master. Moreover, to do this more than once.

In total, several sessions will be required to completely destroy the follicles and deprive them of any chance of re-awakening. In this case, you will have to grow hairs several times to the desired length (approximately 7 mm), otherwise the desired effect may not be achieved. Of course, not every modern girl can walk a month with unshaven legs, despite the firm assertion that beauty requires sacrifice.

If you need to “kill” hair follicles in certain areas of the body, but you do not have a large budget or temporary supplies to resort to the services of a professional cosmetologist, you can try to do this at home. On our own, we recommend that you find a master with a good reputation and reasonable prices, but still seek professional service.

We have prepared some traditional medicine methods for you, but we consider it our duty to warn you – they can harm your skin, especially if you abuse them! Since you decided to turn to the “grandmother” advice, be patient and moderately persistent.

Destroy the bulb in the cabin

Let’s look at “civilized” options for how to permanently destroy a hair bulb using physiotherapeutic and hardware cosmetology techniques:

Electrolysis – a type of removal of unwanted hairs, in which the effect on the follicles is achieved using current. Under the influence of low-frequency impulses, microcurrents penetrate directly to the follicles and quickly destroy them. Hair is guaranteed not to appear on the treated area. In addition, there is a protection from further ingrown hair. This option of hair removal is available and cheap, relative to laser or ultrasound equipment. But it has its own “pitfalls”: the risk of formation of cicatricial changes in the skin at the sites of exposure to the device, increased hyperpigmentation, and soreness in carrying out. For the full destruction of a number of bulbs, you will need 10-15 sessions with a certain interval. This method has a lot of contraindications, including varicose veins, severe cardiovascular disorders, coagulation disorders, infections, and even benign neoplasms on the skin;

Photoepilation – Helps to destroy the bulb by clearly directed, highly pulsed light. It gives an absolutely irreversible removal of bulbs, and the effect is noticeable after the first session. Hair grows sparse and sparse, and at the end of a full course disappear altogether. Moreover, this type of hair removal has an attractive “side effect” – skin rejuvenation. Of the minuses – the high cost and shortage of specialists who are able to properly handle the light fixture. In total, you will need 5-8 sessions, after which rehabilitation awaits you with subsequent restrictions;

Laser hair removal – implies the destruction of germ cells of the hair bulb by precisely directed high-intensity laser beam. Despite the fact that some consider this method to be a panacea for undesirable vegetation on the face and body, it does not remove the follicles themselves, which means that it can only slow down hair growth several times. After a full course (about 10 sessions), the hairs may not grow for several years. But to achieve a permanent effect is not always possible, while the procedure is quite expensive;

Enzymatic hair removal – involves the destruction of bulbs due to infrared radiation using chemical compositions. This type of hair removal involves the local use of aggressive drugs, so it is definitely not suitable for certain categories of people.

Homemade Hair Follicle Destruction

How to quickly kill a hair bulb without the help of specialists? If you decide to try to destroy the follicles with your own hands, a variety of folk recipes will come to your aid.

Please note – plant extracts that are used for “burning out” are extremely toxic. Therefore, you must be extremely careful with them. In addition, they can cause burns and injure your skin..

Try the following version of home permanent “hair removal”:

Grind the crushed lime with arsenic in equal amounts;

Note – the less lime you put in the composition, the more aggressive the mixture will act. And, accordingly, the opposite;

To the obtained powder mass add evaporated aloe juice or pinnate Kalanchoe;

To check the quality of the product received, dip an ordinary feather into it and place the dishes on the stove. Warm until the villi are removed from the pen;

Add a steamed mixture with a piece of oil, and can be applied to the problem area.

Be extremely careful and careful.!

We shared with you the secrets of permanent hair removal in salon and at home. Which method of hair removal to choose – you decide. We only strongly advise you to contact a professional cosmetologist for such a service.