Self-depilation: getting rid of abdominal hairs

Oriental men seriously consider vegetation on the female belly a sign of sensuality and sexuality. For the Slavs, this phenomenon is considered a defect, with which the fair sex has been desperately struggling since overcoming puberty. Of course, not everyone suffers from this, but many girls. Why hateful hair grows on my stomach?

Causes of Excessive Hairiness

This is due to eastern blood, a genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, age-related changes. The “natural” problem is often found in girls with white skin and contrasting dark hair.

We don’t know what exactly is the growth of unwanted hair in the abdomen in your individual case, but we are genuinely aware of the best ways to deal with excess vegetation.

European men claim that in the female stomach there really is some kind of enchanting, magical, love spell.  

We (Women) are often not completely satisfied with the appearance and condition of this part of the body. Either it bulges, it’s too flat, it’s flabby, it’s in cellulite, it’s covered with striae, it’s ….

Belly hair is not the best setting for a delicate female torso, is it? Moreover, it is in this part of the body that they are especially rude, harsh and dark. “How to remove abdominal hair” – probably every woman who deliberately came to this page thought about it.

It seems to be all simpler than simple: it can be shaved, removed with a laser, destroyed by photoepilation, eliminated with wax, sugar or common tweezers, discolored, in the end! But modern young women are trying to authentically study all aspects of each of the methods before resorting to it. And they are absolutely right.

Of particular note is hair growing on the abdomen during pregnancy. This happens quite often, and occurs against the background of a general hormonal surge in the body. Hair grows, and removing them at home “is both desirable and prickling,” because any invasion of the baby’s sacred place of residence causes a new mother to panic.

For women “in position”, of course, chemical methods and all kinds of irradiations are unsuitable, so it is recommended that they use the classic methods of eliminating vegetation – tweezers, wax, clay.

Good old tweezers

Regardless of why hair grows on your stomach, “old” tweezers will help you cope with it. We will not reassure those who are desperate: this method is relevant only for those girls whose “fluff” in the navel area grows rare and thin.

Step by step plucking of each hair is a long, laborious and painful process. Nevertheless, the technique can save the lion’s share of your money and time for visiting salon procedures.

How to remove hair with tweezers on the stomach?

If the height of your pain threshold plunges you into horror at the mere thought of such a “barbaric” method of hair removal, we recommend that you get an ointment with anesthetic components. The most common option is Emla;

Steam the skin in the bathtub. So the hair is removed easily and painlessly;

Lubricate the treated area with cream or petroleum jelly, massage it well;

Start to process the “strip” from top to bottom, quickly removing hairs;

At the end of the procedure, lubricate the area with anti-inflammatory lotion.

“Budget” lightening of hairs

Belly hair in beautiful women can be eliminated not only by plucking, but also by lightening. Of course, this way the hairs will not disappear at all, but for some time it will become almost invisible to the prying eye. And all you need for this is a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, which even in the most expensive pharmacy will not cost more than 100 rubles.

To lighten hair in the abdomen, follow the instructions:

  • Get hydrogen peroxide of 3% concentration;
  • You will also need cotton pads;
  • It is necessary to make an application daily for 5-7 minutes, applying a disk abundantly moistened in a solution to the treated area;
  • Now you know how to bleach the hair on your stomach. After 3-4 days of such manipulations, the hairs will noticeably brighten and begin to break. In a week they will become almost completely invisible.

How else to lighten belly hair?

  • If your skin is too tender, and you worry about its further condition after daily exposure to peroxide, try differently. Mix peroxide with shaving foam in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • Apply to moist steamed skin in the desired area of ​​the abdomen;
  • Soak for 20-25 minutes;
  • Rinse the treated area with plenty of running water without using soap;
  • Pat your skin with a towel or napkin, apply a greasy cream.

The third way:

  • Mix? tsp liquid ammonia, shaving foam and peroxide to a uniform consistency. It is desirable that the mass is not too fluid;
  • Lubricate the clarification site with the resulting substance;
  • Soak no more than 10 minutes;
  • Rinse with warm water without gel;
  • Wipe with a towel and brush with cosmetic oil.

After any procedure with the use of peroxide, provided that it is correctly performed, the hairs lighten by 2-3 tones. However, keep in mind – too dark, almost black and red hair is much more difficult to lighten than light brown or brown. Much depends on the structure of vegetation: the harder it is, the harder the process will be given.

Tip. Even as an “emergency” help, do not resort to the use of a razor. Your abdominal hairs will become even darker and stiff after the first shave. Over time, they will grow more, and to fight them will become almost impossible. Do not use this method. Better choose an alternative – a home epilator.

Salon treatments

In addition to home methods, there are professional ones performed in beauty salons:

Laser hair removal


Shugaring (sugar hair removal);

Wax removal.

All these procedures should be carried out under the supervision of specialists, in conditions of cleanliness and with the use of the necessary antiseptics..

If you are determined to get rid of abdominal hair, follow our simple recommendations and you are guaranteed to get a smooth part of the body..

By the way, all the methods indicated in the article can be applied to all areas on the body. We wish you beauty and health, which nothing can stop!