Epilation and depilation. Selection strategy

The issue of successful removal of unwanted body hair is relevant today for many beauties. And every woman seeks to choose the fastest, most effective and painless option.

What is the difference between an epilator and a depilator, and which method is better, read more in our article.

What is the difference between epi and depi?

For many women, the cosmetic terms “hair removal” and “hair removal” are almost identical, but not everyone knows that they are fundamentally different from each other. And just in the concept of “root” is hidden the very difference.

Epilation – a procedure for removing unwanted vegetation, which involves the complete removal of hair with its root parts. The device with which the removal is carried out is called an epilator.

Depilation involves removing the part of the hair that is located above the skin. The subcutaneous part with the bulb remains intact.

The main differences

First of all, it is worth noting that hair removal and depilation are completely different methods of getting rid of unwanted vegetation:

  • Depilation involves cutting hairs without removing the bulb and only gives temporary relief from unnecessary shaggy hair. Thus, only the part that is visible to the eye is removed mechanically, which is located on the surface of the skin, and the remaining under the skin is not affected;
  • Epilation makes it possible to remove hairs from the root and thereby ensures the appearance of new ones after a longer period of time or permanently eliminates vegetation in a certain part of the body.

Thus, we found out the most important difference: “Depilation is temporary, and epilation is permanent”!

A significant difference between the epilator and the depilator is the mechanism of action on the hairline. The operation of the epilator is based on the point destruction of the hair follicles. And the depilator, in turn, just cuts the hair under the root.

Also, the procedures differ in the complexity of execution. All possible methods of depilation allow you to conduct them yourself at home..

Epilation is impossible without the help of a specialist and for the most part involves professional cosmetic equipment.

What are depilators

The list of modern depilators is quite wide: from a conventional razor to the miracle of modern technology – a laser depilator.

And in order to find out which depilator is better, consider the most common of them:

Razor – a familiar to everyone machine, which can be found in the bathroom of every woman;

Chemical creams. They have a special formula that acts on keratin in the basal part of the hair, the hair is destroyed and falls off;

Biological compounds. This group is represented by wax, caramel and sugar, which due to its “stickiness” allow you to pull out unnecessary vegetation;

Electrical devices. They are divided into disk, spring and tweezers depending on the mechanism of action on the hair.

Regarding the last point, I want to debunk the modern commodity myth, which calls the electric depilator “epilator”. After all, this device allows you to get rid of unwanted hair only for a while and does not prevent their new appearance.

Hair Removal Options

Hair removal procedures are also quite diverse..

Let’s note some of the most common:

  • Laser hair removal. It involves the processing of hairs using a laser beam. The procedure is completely painless, eliminates damage to the skin and the appearance of scars. Gives smooth and silky skin after several sessions. However, it requires significant financial investment and is not carried out on fair hair;
  •  Photoepilation. Hair removal is carried out by exposure to a powerful light pulse, which causes the energy of thermal waves. This energy is absorbed by melanin, the coloring pigment of the hair, and the hair dies. It should be noted that this method is more effective on dark hair, since they contain a coloring substance to a greater extent. For gray hair, this method is not suitable at all, since they have practically no melanin;
  • Epilation Elos. It is a process of interaction of radio wave and light energy with a certain wavelength, which in a pair have a destructive effect on the hair follicle. It is one of the most comfortable and safe methods for removing unwanted vegetation. As a rule, from 10 to 12 procedures are needed to completely get rid of hair. The only negative point is the high cost of this service.

What to choose

Someone prefers not to bother and use a razor once every 2-3 days, while others prefer electric depilators or wax. By the way, when using the latter, you can shed a few bitter tears.

The fact is that the wax and electro-depilation procedures are quite painful, but at the same time they promise a more lasting result, so there’s something to put up with!

Electric and laser depilators allow for a more “high-quality” hair removal, as the hair is temporarily removed from the root, and thinner and rarer hairs grow after the procedure..

Many of the existing methods of hair removal promise to save you from objectionable vegetation forever. But in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to stock up with a solid portion of patience, so this procedure is quite lengthy and requires repeated repetition.

Therefore, in order to get smooth legs forever, you will need to visit the cosmetologist’s office more than once and allocate a serious amount for this from your home budget. But sometimes the game is worth the candle. In addition, hair removal in a beauty salon is much safer, while home treatments can turn into irritation on the skin or the problem of ingrown hair.

A variety of cosmetic procedures today provide a huge field of choice for every woman. Therefore, everyone can try and decide which hair removal procedure is more suitable in physiological and monetary terms..

We tried to bring you up to date and point out the existing pitfalls of each procedure. And so what to choose options between an epilator or a depilator, you have already, dear ladies! Smooth legs and smiles on your face!