Bikini hair removal: personal hygiene and comfort

Ways to remove vegetation in the most delicate places can be divided into salon and home. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most modern is the salon procedure of laser hair removal. It is effective for dark hair, light and gray are not destroyed.

To make the skin smooth as silk!

Why do women have an intimate area hair removal? The reasons are many:

convenience when taking care of yourself;

lack of unpleasant odors;

vegetation does not stand out under tight clothing;

I want to please my beloved with new sensations.

But still, the main factor that makes intimate hair removal in the deep bikini area is the ability to flaunt in a spectacular bathing suit in the near future. Most women think about hair removal just before the beach season: vegetation under a swimsuit is the height of indecency.

What methods exist to get rid of her?

Intimate area hair removal methods

Laser hair removal is performed quickly – the vegetation can be completely removed in 20-25 minutes.

Disadvantages depend on the individual characteristics of the body:

  • Low pain threshold. If the pain is not well tolerated, you need to inform the cosmetologist about this;
  • The formation of crusts, which pass in a week or 2;
  • Between procedures, overgrown hairs cannot be shaved, and when they regrow, you have to go groomed for some time;
  • The relatively high cost of the procedure.

The most effective procedure is photoepilation. The effect occurs directly on the hair follicles. The impact of a high-pulse light beam burns out the bulb and the hair no longer grows.

But if you get to an inexperienced master, the effect of the session is the opposite. Exposure to heat flux accelerates intracellular metabolism, and hair growth accelerates. There is a risk of burns..

In addition, as in the case of laser hair removal of the intimate area, gray and blond hair cannot be removed. This method is not suitable for those who have dry skin.

Electrolysis is considered the most affordable and cheapest of all salon procedures.

Knowing about the various methods of vegetation removal, you can always choose the one that suits you:

  • Electrolysis. When salts are converted in tissues affected by the electrode, alkali is formed. Under the influence of current, it destroys the hair follicles. The disadvantage is that an electrode must be sent to each bulb for at least 50-60 seconds – the process is long. Some masters try to speed up the process by combining the electrodes into a beam, but such an improvement is fraught with an inflammatory reaction of the skin due to irritation;
  • Thermolysis. A deep bikini with such a metol is better not to free from vegetation. Hair is removed quickly, but any master’s mistake traumatizes delicate skin, since it requires a direct effect on the hair follicles;.
  • Blend hair removal combines the methods already described. You can trust yourself only to a highly qualified master;
  • Especially sensitive skin recommended tweezers. The current is transferred from the tweezers to the hair follicle. The procedure is long in duration, but during it the risk of burns is minimal.

For many women, intimate hair removal at home is preferable, not only because it is the cheapest. Not everyone is ready to entrust this area of ​​the body to an outsider..

The easiest and most painless way is to remove hair with a special cream for hair removal of intimate areas. Such a cream dissolves keratin in the hair, and the residues are simply removed. There is no stubble or irritation – unless an allergic reaction occurs.

A few hours before the procedure, a soft peeling should be applied to the skin – this will soften the hair and cleanse the epidermis of exfoliating cells. Before the procedure, no cosmetics are applied to the hair – it is not known what reaction the cream will have on them. They are rinsed with warm water, blotted skin, and applied with a special spatula, without rubbing. After 3 minutes – no more, the cream is removed with the same spatula.

Then the treated area is rinsed with warm water. Nutrients can be applied no earlier than an hour later.

The well-known and most frequently used method is wax treatment of the intimate area. The wax is heated in a water bath to 37 ° C, applied to the right place in the direction of hair growth.

Then stripes are glued onto the wax – they are sold with wax, but you can use a regular rag. Napkin or strips are glued to hair growth. Then pull the glued napkin against hair growth.

To make waxing of the intimate zone less painful, the skin before the session needs to be treated with lidocaine from the ampoule. He begins to act 15 minutes after application.

If lidocaine is not at hand, the area where the treatment is carried out is wiped with a piece of ice. This procedure temporarily makes nerve endings less susceptible to pain..

At home, the shugaring procedure is also carried out – hair removal with sugar paste. It should also be started with anesthesia..

Sugar paste can be bought at a cosmetic store or made independently. It is very simple.

Mix 8-10 tablespoons of sugar, the juice of half a lemon and plain water. All this is placed in ordinary enameled dishes, and caramel is boiled. The amount of water – 1 or 2 tablespoons – is determined as the product thickens. Once the syrup has become thick and has acquired a beautiful golden color, you can begin the procedure of hair removal.

When the paste cools, it is applied to the bikini area against hair growth. Stick strips or a napkin, as when removing vegetation with wax. Stripes for hair growth come off.

The advantages of shugaring over wax are undeniable: thin hair does not grow after 2-3 procedures.

The nuances of hair removal procedures

In order for the procedure to last for a longer time, you need to conduct a soft peeling. Those who have diabetes or varicose veins of the lower extremities suffer from skin diseases, hair can be removed from the intimate area only with a razor.

Electrical procedures are not performed during pregnancy and lactation, during menstruation. If the skin has mechanical damage, hair removal should be delayed until the wounds heal..

After hair removal by photoepilation, wax or sugar paste can not be sunbathing for 2 days, hygiene products are not used for a day, a bath is taken no earlier than 3-4 hours.

What method to use, each woman decides independently, based on personal preferences. Anonymous questionnaire showed: despite modern means and the availability of salon procedures, most women prefer the old sure way – to shave the intimate area.