How to get rid of irritation in the bikini area?

Every woman must have encountered the problem of irritation after removing unwanted hair. Sometimes it is a slight reddening of the skin, sometimes sore and purulent pimples or terrible itching and peeling.


Each irritation manifests itself in different ways, but it always causes a lot of trouble and does not look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, I want to get rid of such manifestations as quickly as possible.

Ambulance Recipes

Simple but effective recipes will help to remove the irritation that has appeared in the bikini zone. Most of them are used immediately after hair removal, until the skin has not turned red and pimples have appeared.

By doing these procedures each time, you can avoid unpleasant consequences:

  • Use hydrogen peroxide every time after hair removal, wipe the treated surface with it;
  • To prevent the appearance of redness, the treatment of the depilated area with a small amount of tea tree oil: drip 5 drops in 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water and grease the skin with the resulting solution;
  • After removing the hair with a razor, refresh these places with a deodorant, preferably talc-free;
  • After hair removal, apply a special cream to the skin, it can be a common after shave or drugs such as “Chlorgesidin”, “Panthenol” or “Miramistin”;
  • Use the homemade aloe plant: cut the bottom leaf, remove the top layer and rub the shaved areas with flesh;
  • A very effective mask of a mixture of 3 crushed tablets of aspirin and 1 tbsp. tablespoons of glycerin. Applied for 5 minutes, it helps prevent or relieve irritation..

You can still wipe the skin with a lemon slice after the procedure or cool with ice with a decoction of chamomile. All these recipes are aimed at eliminating the effects of shaving, but it is better to try to avoid their appearance. And for this, there are special recommendations to help shave properly..

How to shave the bikini area?

Simple but effective tips will help prevent irritation after shaving in the bikini area. Firstly, this process does not endure in a hurry, therefore it is strictly forbidden to remove hairs “to dry”. The skin in this area is very delicate and thin, and it will not tolerate such an attitude..

Secondly, it is desirable to pre-steam the body. This will help soften the hairs. In addition, the skin warms up well and pores open. You can use a scrub, it will remove the dead epithelium, and shaving will be smoother. If the skin is very sensitive, then peeling is best done a day before depilation.

Thirdly, carefully consider the selection of razors. Throw away all old and dull blades. Never use the same tool for your legs, armpits and bikini. To process the last zone must have its own razor. The more blades, the cleaner the shave..

Additional lubricants and ribbons increase the glide of the machine on the skin, thus preventing the appearance of irritation.

Fourthly, it is recommended to remove hairs no more than every other day, ideally 3-4 days should pass before the skin has time to recover. It is also undesirable to hold the razor twice in the same area of ​​the skin. Try and delete everything at once. In an extreme case, a second time lead in the direction of hair growth.

In general, it is recommended to remove vegetation only in this direction, but this guarantees less skin irritation, and not a good quality shave. The blade should slide easily, no need to push.

Fifth, be sure to use shaving foam. It contributes to a smoother sliding of the machine. Do not spare money, more foam – less chance of redness. After hair removal, be sure to use a special lotion or milk.

And sixth, the remnants of the foam are washed off with cool water. After leaving the shower, gently pat the shaved area with a soft towel. Never rub with vigorous movements. Apply moisturizing or nourishing cream to dry skin, or use the recipes above.

Other methods of depilation

If, using all these rules, it is not possible to remove unwanted hairs without the appearance of irritation, then this is an occasion to try other effective methods, and there are many of them. Depilation can be carried out at home and in beauty salons, as it is convenient for anyone..

Wax hair removal. To do this, you can use ready-made products sold in stores, warm wax, wax strips and special cassettes for heaters.

The essence of the technique is simple: we apply a warm substance or strips heated by friction in the direction of hair growth to the depilation zone and iron it well. After 1-2 minutes, we sharply tear them off, remove the wax in the opposite direction. In the process of hair removal, not only the hairs, but also the bulbs are removed.

Shugaring – removal of unwanted vegetation with sugar syrup. The principle of operation is similar to the previous technique. Before the procedure, a special composition of sugar is prepared.

Electric depilator. A very convenient machine for removing unwanted vegetation on the body. Just insert the plug into the outlet, select the desired mode and move the appliance against the direction of hair growth.

Laser and photo epilation. These two ways to remove unwanted vegetation will help to get minimal irritation in the bikini area. With the help of special equipment, the hair bulb is destroyed, as a result, the hairs stop growing. Unfortunately, these methods are very expensive and are not suitable for everyone for medical reasons..

Depilation creams. Now in stores there are a lot of different hair removal products in the bikini area. The pricing policy is very different, and the quality does not always correspond to the cost of the product.

The principle of operation is simple: apply the cream to the area requiring depilation, and wait 10-15 minutes, then remove the remaining cream and hairs with a special spatula or just rinse off (as indicated in the instructions).

Some methods of hair removal of the bikini zone without irritation can have negative consequences. Most often, it is the ingrowth of hair into the skin and the appearance of abscesses because of this. After they are opened and removed, ugly scars may form that require additional treatment..

What to choose?

To treat the effects of irritation in the bikini area, you can use antibacterial creams: Neosporin, Bacitratin. Retin-A will help get rid of scars. So these problems are relatively easy to solve..

It’s harder to decide which way suits you. If you can’t afford to get rid of unwanted vegetation in the salon forever, try alternating long-term depilation and shaving. For example, 2 times a month, wax removal or with an electric epilator, and trim the grown hairs with a razor.

By the way, get rid of irritation when shaving, some help replacing a conventional machine with an electric shaver.

Painless treatments, smooth skin and good mood!

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