Laser hair removal

The magnificent hair on the head is the pride of any woman. We all strive for hair to grow as fast as possible, be thick and long. But you can’t say this about the vegetation on the body and face. And just girls with chic curls, as a rule, most often suffer from excessive hairiness on the body and face.

Yes, and every girl in the care of her body certainly includes a point of getting rid of hair on her legs, in the armpit and bikini area, and some need to get rid of the gun above her upper lip.

Hair removal or hair removal?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that epilation and depilation are used to remove unwanted hair.

Let’s see how they differ. When using depilation, the hair that is above the skin is removed. The types of this procedure include shaving, hair removal with depilatory creams and special devices, as well as shugaring, waxing and eco-depilation.

The hair follicle is not affected, as a result of which the result of such a procedure is rather short-lived – the hair grows again in a week or two.

How long the depilation result will last depends on the characteristics of the body and the rate of hair growth. In any case, a few days after shaving or pulling out unwanted vegetation will reappear in problem areas. At the same time, hair often becomes stiffer and more prickly..

Depilation is much more effective than epilation. Its only drawback is the greater number of contraindications and the impossibility of independent use at home.

However, it is thanks to epilation that the root structure of the hair is disturbed, so that after several procedures you can get rid of excess vegetation on the face and body forever. Epilation methods include photo and electrolysis, as well as the most common laser hair removal today. It is this method that needs special attention.

 What is laser hair removal

Getting rid of hair occurs with the help of a special apparatus that acts exclusively on the hair follicle, without affecting the skin.

Thus, the root structure of the hair is disturbed, because of which they become thinner, and after some time they stop growing at all.

Thanks to a special cooling system, the procedure is almost painless. However, people with a low pain threshold and sensitivity experience some discomfort..

Laser hair removal of a bikini can be a little painful for such patients, since in this area the skin is very delicate and sensitive. The duration of the laser hair removal procedure depends on the area being treated. The cosmetologist will remove the fluff over the upper lip in a couple of minutes. Hair on the hips and legs is removed within 20 minutes, a maximum of half an hour, and laser hair removal of the armpits and treatment of the bikini area lasts 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, patients have a slight reddening of the skin. The effect is noticeable immediately, moreover, it is prolonged, that is, after epilation, the structure of the follicle continues to collapse. To completely remove the hair root, you will need more procedures.

 Varieties of Laser Hair Removal

In modern cosmetology, short-wave and long-wave devices are used for laser hair removal. In turn, short-wave lasers are ruby, alexandrite and diode.

A long-wave neodymium laser is more often used not to remove hair, but to eliminate cosmetic problems such as deep vessels. It also removes tattoos. Ruby laser hair removal appeared earlier than anyone in this category of hair removal.

More advanced methods have now appeared, so ruby ​​lasers are rarely used or are not used at all. This method of hair removal is suitable only for fair skin and very dark hair..

Laser hair removal with an alexandrite laser is more effective and more often used in modern cosmetology. Compared with ruby, alexandrite laser acts much faster and has fewer restrictions. Although it affects some types of hair badly, for example, those that contain a small amount of melanin.

A diode laser is rightfully considered the gold standard in cosmetology. It has been successfully used to remove unwanted hair of different types and structures. It is used for any zone, whether it be the shins, hips, axillary hollows, upper lip or bikini area. It surpasses its predecessors in efficiency.

6 months after the first procedure, he allows you to forget about unwanted vegetation forever. Another advantage of the diode laser is that it is only officially approved by the World Health Association for hair removal in teenage girls..

Features of use and contraindications for laser hair removal

It’s important to know that laser hair removal is a medical procedure.

Can at home in the bathroom
shave problem areas or treat them with depilatory cream.

There are no contraindications for this. But before laser hair removal does not prevent to consult with a specialist.

For the procedure, choose only an experienced cosmetologist. Take an interest in customer reviews of his work.

Before the procedure, ask the master to check the reaction to radiation in a small area of ​​the skin. Then, if no unwanted reactions have occurred, you can proceed to completely treat the zone.

In addition, you need to know that some laser hair removal is absolutely contraindicated.

The following factors exclude the possibility of carrying out the procedure:

  • pregnancy;
  • tumor processes;
  • diabetes;
  • any skin diseases, as well as wounds, cuts or abrasions;
  • a large number of moles in the treated area;
  • colds.

There are women who do not receive laser hair removal with the necessary effect. Do not resort to such a procedure for ladies with very dark or very tanned skin. Very light and gray hairs are also difficult to laser hair removal..

Of course, each woman herself decides which method of hair removal to choose. However, laser hair removal leaves few disappointed and unhappy with the result!