The best face powder

Powder is a means without which a modern beauty cannot do. She became a must-have item in every handbag. Now the powder not only fixes makeup and mattresses, but also gives the skin a radiance, moisturizes and protects against aggressive environmental factors. What is the best powder, find out in our rating.

The best face powder

LA MER skincolor DE LA MER powder


The La Mer loose powder from the Skincolor De La Mer line is pure luxury, from elegant puffs that guarantee uniform application to a caring composition. The basis of the formula is polished microparticles, which, attracted to the skin, guarantee a high-quality, but almost invisible on the face coating. During the day, the product does not dry the skin, on the contrary, nourishes and nourishes it thanks to marine microelements in the composition.

GUCCI face luxe finishing powder


The compact face powder Gucci Face Luxe Finishing Powder masks and hides skin imperfections, without overloading or tightening it. You fall in love literally after the first application – the delicate silky texture of the product lies with an invisible veil, adjusting the shade and leveling the skin structure. The powder guarantees a perfect matte and velvety coating throughout the day without rolling and shedding.



An absolute bestseller of the Guerlain brand – the legendary M√ČT√ČORITES create the effect of perfect skin, while simultaneously solving a number of important problems. Firstly, they help to cope with a greasy shine and give the face a dull and velvety appearance. Secondly, they mask flaws and create a perfectly even tone. Thirdly, the skin is beautifully illuminated from the inside, performing the role of both powder and highlighter.

BY TERRY Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder


For those who are constantly afraid to miscalculate with a shade or simply do not like to overload with tonal means the skin is suitable for BY TERRY powder with a transparent coating. The delicate and weightless texture of loose powder By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder is practically not felt on the skin, providing a matting effect and evening the tone of the face. In addition, the tool fixes makeup, extending its resistance to 12 hours.

Sensai Cellular Performance total finish FOUNDATION


Sensai Cellular Performance compact powder guarantees flawless coverage and the perfect tone throughout the day. The satin texture covers the skin with a thin layer, smoothing the texture and giving it a subtle radiance. In addition, the product has a noticeable anti-aging effect, regulating the water-lipid balance in the cells, gently caring for the skin from the inside.

MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Powder


The new MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Powder loose powder has a translucent texture and matte effect, which means it is great for fixing makeup. The product remains almost invisible on the skin throughout the day, giving it smoothness and velvety. The nutritional ingredients in the composition prevent the loss of moisture in the cells, without overdrying and not pulling it.

Elizabeth Arden Perfecting Minerals powder


Mineral base Elizabeth Arden Perfecting Minerals boasts a double action. As a foundation or base for makeup, the product perfectly masks the pores, evens out the tone and hides imperfections, preparing the skin for subsequent makeup. As a mineral care, the product masks age spots, smoothes wrinkles, and improves the tone and general condition of sensitive skin..

Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral SPF 20


Loose mineral powder Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral can act as a corrector, base, powder and sunscreen at the same time. The palette contains 17 shades with an additional division into cold, warm, neutral tones and shades of tan. In addition, each color scheme has its own subton, so choosing the perfect shade will not be exactly any difficulty. The product can be applied both dry and wet using a classic wide brush or sponge.

Naked Skin Ultra by Urban Decay


The compact miracle powder Naked Skin Ultra from Urban Decay, while remaining completely invisible to the skin, perfectly maskes redness and other imperfections. Its weightless texture in two counts erases traces of fatigue and a dull color from the face, fixing makeup and having a matting effect. A luxurious palette with a convenient mirror and a special compartment under the sponge for applying powder deserves special mention – the case is placed in a convenient bag that protects it from damage.

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