Sugar paste for shugaring – its manufacture and use

The strange and unusual word “shugaring” appeared in our everyday life relatively recently. Middle and older people are unlikely to answer the question: “What is it?” But many young girls will no longer be confused by this question. It comes from English sugar (sugar) and means hair removal using specially cooked sugar paste.

At all times, perfectly smooth skin was considered the main component of female attractiveness. Beauties came up with various methods to get rid of unnecessary vegetation on the legs or arms. In addition to gentle methods (hippo fat, turtle oil), there were quite radical measures (arsenic, hot rod).

Shugaring in this row stands apart, because it is not only an effective, but also a relatively pleasant method of depilation. His discovery is immediately attributed to two Egyptian queens – Nefertiti and Cleopatra. But which of them did this first, it doesn’t matter anymore, the main thing is that the technique is still alive and helps modern beauties to maintain their beauty.

The first acquaintance with sugar hair removal

The procedure for shugaring is to remove excess hair with a thick syrup. It is applied to problem areas of the body after it cools down, and then removed with the hairs..

The principle strongly reminds everyone of the famous waxing, but it also has some advantages over it:

  • low cost – all the necessary ingredients are affordable for any woman;
  • hypoallergenic – only natural ingredients are used, the complete absence of chemical additives;
  • low invasiveness – only the hairs themselves are removed, skin cells are not injured;
  • long-lasting effect – removes hairs from the root, which means that the skin remains smooth for a long time;
  • nutritional effect – in the finished mixture contains a large number of vitamins that help to nourish and soften the skin at the same time as hair removal;
  • simplicity of carrying out – it is possible to carry out not only in the cosmetic office, but also at home.

Sweet paste for hair removal – we cook ourselves

A mixture of sugar for hair removal can be bought, or if desired, it can be cooked at home, that is, in the most unpretentious conditions. Be prepared for the fact that even if you strictly follow the recipe, then the first time you may not succeed.

Do not worry, the skill will definitely come, but this may take several attempts. Therefore, before the first independent cooking, we advise you to buy ready-made pasta, so that later you can compare your result with the purchased one.

Shugaring paste is easily prepared at home: 10 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar, water – a tablespoon and juice squeezed from half a lemon. Mix everything well in an enameled pan and put on a very small fire.

The mixture should be brought to a boil, and cook for about 4 minutes, while do not forget to stir it continuously.

Remove from the stove and set to cool. The resulting shugaring paste should have a brownish-golden color, a pleasant caramel smell, and a thick consistency. If desired, 5 drops of essential oil can be added to the finished paste.

In some cases, the preparation of a sweet pasta for shugaring can be changed to make it without lemon, but if, for example, in the bikini area there is very soft skin. The cooking technique remains the same, just add a teaspoon of honey instead of lemon.

Immediately after cooking, the paste is completely unlike a store one, it will take the necessary consistency during cooling.

Rules of procedure

If you are not familiar with this procedure, then the first time it is better to do it in the cabin. The beautician will tell you which paste is right for your type of hair. This is necessary in case you do not want to cook it yourself, but prefer to purchase it in a store.

Purchased pasta has good reviews, and the recipe for industrial preparation of shugaring pasta is practically no different from homemade.

Important: so that everything goes smoothly and without any negative consequences, the skin should be steamed well before the procedure!

Mash a small piece of pasta thoroughly in your hands for about 3 minutes and roll it into a ball. Apply it to the skin, press and begin to smear in the opposite direction to hair growth. Then jerk it sharply, but already along the hair growth.

If necessary, repeat the procedure in the same area. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is required to do this up to 4 times. If you get a feeling that the ball of paste began to stick to your fingers, then you need to replace it with another.

At the end of this manipulation, rinse off the remaining sugar mixture with warm water. In no case do not take a hot shower or bath immediately – the skin should calm down a bit. Large physical exertion is also prohibited on this day, because the sweat produced can lead to irritation of already injured skin..

For women who want to test sugar hair removal for the first time, a natural question arises: “Does she have any contraindications?” No not have.

The only obstacle to this can be only if a woman is sick with diabetes. During hair removal, sugar, albeit in small doses, but penetrates the human blood through the pores. There is no danger to a healthy body, and a patient may experience a complication.

Some useful tips

Do not epilate in the bathroom, it is too stuffy there and the paste will stick to your hands, which means that it will not fulfill its main function;

Such hair removal is most suitable for short hair, on hair longer than 5 mm it becomes painful. Long hair is best to just cut first;

In the process of depilation, the skin becomes oily, which greatly interferes, so it must be constantly dried with a towel or talcum powder.

We figured out how to cook pasta for shugaring, and how to use it. We hope you are convinced that this is not difficult at all – a little practice and patience, and your smooth skin will be appreciated by others!