Snail slime for youthful skin

Snail mucin has the ability to stimulate the activity of fibroblasts (cells responsible for the formation of extracellular maktriksa, collagen and elastin). With age and under the influence of solar radiation, the activity and number of fibroblasts decreases, the dermis of our skin loses its structural integrity and visible signs of aging appear, loss of elasticity, sagging skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores.


Mucin snails – snail mucus for youthful skin

beneficial properties of snail mucus

Snail secretion filtrate stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and reduces the activity of free radicals. It has been clinically proven that the use of snail mucus products significantly improves the appearance, smoothness and elasticity of the skin, and reduces the total number of wrinkles by 29%, and the depth of wrinkles by 16%.

What does snail slime do??

Protects skin from damage by ultraviolet radiation and slows down aging thanks to the presence of antioxidants
Reduces the depth and severity of facial wrinkles, smoothes the skin texture
Accelerates the healing of damaged tissue


Restores skin elasticity
Helps to avoid keloid scars and scars when healing various skin lesions.
Prevents and eliminates stretch marks and acne scars.


Improves skin condition in teenage acne and adult acne
Protects skin from viruses and infections
Facilitates skin condition with rosacea and dermatitis


Mucin contains proteins, polysaccharides (including hyaluronic acid), mineral salts and actively stimulates cell regeneration, restoring the snail “house”. It is this type of snail mucus that is the ingredient in cosmetics.


Considering the ability of snail mucus filtrate to accelerate the recovery of epidermal cells, it is often added to cosmetics to solve a variety of skin problems.

Anti-aging agents: One of the main actions of snail mucus is anti-aging, so it is often added to skin creams after 35 years, and combined with other active anti-aging ingredients, such as copper tripeptide, EGF and other peptides.


Anti-aging creams with snail secret smooth wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and tone, improve its structure, eliminate the effects of photoaging, tighten enlarged age pores.


Remedies with snail mucus have a good effect on the skin around the eyes, smoothing facial wrinkles and making thin skin more elastic and dense.

 The process of obtaining mucin does no harm to snails and does not affect the therapeutic effectiveness of their mucus.