Personal hygiene rules for women

Proper washing is a hygienic procedure, the nuances of which must be mastered from childhood. If you do not conduct intimate hygiene, there is a high risk of introducing an infection into the organs of the reproductive system or upsetting the harmonious balance of microflora.

How to wash women properly: general recommendations

To maintain health and a sense of comfort, it is enough for women to adhere to just a few rules:

Since it is necessary for the girl to properly wash herself, without overdrying the vaginal area, it is better to use special means with a neutral pH during the procedure. Usually they are performed in the form of gels that keep the acidic environment intact, moisturize the mucous membranes and prevent the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms;

It is not recommended to use soap, which leads to a decrease in acidity in the vaginal area and provokes the multiplication of pathogenic microflora. If soap is systematically used for washing, the health of a woman in the intimate sphere is seriously threatened;

They begin the procedure, after washing their hands thoroughly. Otherwise, microbes and dirt located on the surface of the skin of the hands can easily get into the vagina;

You need to wash only with warm water, since cool water often becomes the cause of inflammatory processes. Hygiene of intimate organs takes place with the help of movements in the direction from the pubis to the anus, excluding infection from the anus;

Running water should also not be used, since the stream practically washes away beneficial microorganisms, negatively affecting the microflora of the vagina;

When mastering the rules of how to properly wash, live healthier and more comfortable, a small nuance will help – you should never carry out the procedure with a washcloth. A necessary hygiene item that perfectly cleanses the surface of the skin, injures the delicate mucous membranes. Tiny wounds become open gates for infection. Even when treating a bikini area with a washcloth, you need to perform the procedure with extreme caution;

After the procedure, the genitals get wet with a soft, well-absorbing towel. It is better to have a special towel for the intimate area, which should be washed very often and must be ironed to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and make the fabric soft;

To reduce the likelihood of thrush, you can use infusions of herbs. An excellent antibacterial effect has a simple pharmacy chamomile. The procedure, how to wash yourself with a chamomile correctly, is no different from normal hygiene. You need to properly prepare the infusion. In a container with chamomile, taken in the amount of a tablespoon, pour a glass of boiling water. After a quarter of an hour, the infusion will be ready. After the procedure, the genitals are not rinsed with water;

After sex and before it is also necessary to perform a hygiene procedure. Of course, many can refer to the example of Napoleon, who before the end of the campaign sent letters to Josephine demanding to stop washing, because her smell excited him incredibly. But sometimes even the woman herself hardly tolerates her own intimate aroma. In addition, with sexual contact and an unwashed vagina, the risk of infection again increases;

It is especially important when using contraceptive suppositories to properly wash the girls, as the effectiveness of the funds decreases, for example, if you use the usual soap;

Often you can hear folk tips on how to wash yourself after sex. For example, it is recommended to stick your hand into the vaginal area almost to the cervix and carefully wash out the semen and natural secretions inside, directing a stream of water with your second hand. I want to note that this barbaric way makes it easier pathogenic microbes pathway to reproductive organs.

With such “hygiene” the mucous membrane is easily injured, useful microflora is washed out, microbes are introduced into the area close to the uterus. The only correct method for washing the woman inside is douching..

The nuances of intimate hygiene during pregnancy

When carrying a child, any woman is faced with some discomfort caused by changes in the figure. In addition, infectious processes threaten not only the health of the expectant mother, but also the developing fetus. Therefore, the procedure should be approached with particular care..

First of all, you need to take care of the presence of a special bench, which can be put in the bath. If this is not possible, it is better to wash yourself in a prone position.

It is not necessary to carry out the procedure while sitting on the edge of the bathtub, since during pregnancy, proper washing must be carried out taking into account the likely risks.

The woman in the later stages is nice, but rather clumsy and can easily lose her balance. Better to put aside shyness, and ask your husband to help with this simple but really necessary thing..

Doctors constantly repeat how important it is to learn science, how to wash properly. Ideally, a woman should carry out the procedure after each visit to the toilet cubicle. However, the lack of a bidet in the workplace often makes personal hygiene impossible..

To live comfortably and not be afraid of infection, it is recommended that you always have a pack of wet wipes with you, which can be used for intimate express hygiene.