Miostimulation is a medical procedure during which the function of damaged muscles, nerve endings and organs is restored by the action of an impulse current. This procedure can be considered forced gymnastics for the body..

Its essence is as follows. Sticky plates are applied to certain parts of the body, which are connected to a special apparatus with wires. He, in turn, transfers 30-150 Hz of alternating current to the plates, and they already affect the muscles through the nerve endings.

As a result, there is a certain load that can simulate muscle contractions during exercise.

Miostimulation is also known as “passive fitness”. This technique is used for medicinal purposes. For example, in physiotherapy it is used to restore the main activity of tissues and organs, in cosmetology – to correct the figure (reduce fatty tissue), improve microcirculation (circulation), reduce swelling and improve skin and muscle tone.

Improving problem areas with myostimulation. Abdominal myostimulation

Weak muscles of the abs (anterior abdominal wall) and sagging skin are a huge problem for many women, which is very difficult to cope even with a lot of willpower and free time.

In this case, myostimulation, or as they also call electrical stimulation, will give good results after the first application. Usually, women after the first procedure immediately notice that the stomach begins to move with breathing movements and is easier to retract, and after 3-4 procedures, extra centimeters begin to disappear.

It is worth noting that even after such remarkable results, supporting procedures are simply necessary. This does not mean that you need to rape your body with various physical exercises, you can do simple gymnastics.

Otherwise, the result will not be saved. It is also worth sticking to a simple diet: do not overeat and minimize the use of fatty, fried, spicy and salty. On average, only after electrical stimulation procedures, the waist volume will decrease by 5-6 cm, and if you also follow a diet and exercise, you can expect a decrease in the waist by 10-15 cm.

Myostimulation of the body is most often in demand in cosmetology and includes 6 procedures that can be performed both separately and combining.

Myostimulation of the body – improves skin and muscle tone, treats cellulite and obesity, reducing fat folds;

Sliding lymphatic drainage of the body – eliminates swelling, tired legs and improves blood circulation;

Anesthesia and relaxation – anesthetizes and relaxes individual muscles;

Body muscle lifting – increases the tone and volume of muscle groups and individual muscles;

Breast electrical stimulation – strengthens the pectoral muscles and restores elasticity;

Microcurrent body massage – reduces swelling, improves lymphatic and venous outflow, treats cellulite and improves skin tone.

Myostimulation of the face – eliminate the shortcomings

Miostimulation of the face is a very effective method for correcting various deformations of the neck and age-related changes in the oval of the face, eliminating fatigue of the forehead, upper eyelids and cheeks, general strengthening of musculature on the face, smoothing wrinkles and relieving puffiness. In addition, electrical stimulation is considered a wonderful way to rejuvenate..

In combination with lymphatic drainage massage, the oval of the face is fully restored, muscle tone is increased, wrinkles and the “second chin” disappear. As a rule, electrical stimulation is prescribed in a course of 10-20 procedures.

To achieve an optimal result, the procedures are applied every other day..

Recovered muscles after a course of electrical stimulation are better able to perceive various kinds of medications, which are mainly used in cosmetology for the correction of facial wrinkles of various depths..

Doctors recognized Botox (Botox) and Dysport (Dysport) as the best drugs.

The active substance that is part of these drugs contributes to the blocking process of transmission of a nerve impulse to the muscles of the face, as a result, muscle contraction stops and the skin does not fold, preventing the formation of wrinkles. Myostimulation of the face improves cell nutrition, activating cell metabolism, which helps to increase the effectiveness of almost all cosmetic procedures: from masks to peeling. In short, the muscles after this procedure become more susceptible to drugs.

It is very difficult to carry out myostimulation at home, so it is better to contact professionals. Be healthy! And remember, you are always beautiful!