How to make an intimate haircut at home?

To look attractive not only in clothes, but also without them, women all over the world resort to tricks, using this type of body care, like intimate haircuts. If you have never heard the details and are intrigued about what a female intimate haircut is and how to do it, then here you are!

Caring for your bikini area is beauty without compromise

Hair growing on the pubis and around the genitals, although natural, but requires correction, as well as hair on the legs and armpits. From an aesthetic point of view, the well-groomed bikini area is much better than the neglected.

It has long been considered decent for a young woman to remove unwanted hairs in the groin and between the buttocks, to remove the extra length of the pubic hair and give it a beautiful shape.

So, there are several design options for this zone:

  • completely remove hair in this place;
  • reduce the length and slightly adjust the hairline;
  • give the hair the shape of a crescent, heart, etc., the rest – remove;
  • dye your hair;
  • use jewelry (piercings, rhinestones stickers), make a tattoo.

How creative the approach will be, you decide: to feel confident in bed with your loved one, not to be shy on the beach in a bathing suit and just to maintain beauty, it is enough to remove the hairs in the inguinal region and to cut the length.

Curly intimate haircuts look much more exotic and very sexy, and if you often show off your body (at photo shoots, in intimate dance, etc.), then a creative approach and courage of decision are simply necessary.

How to make a woman an intimate haircut

First, let’s talk about the corresponding service in the beauty salon. The master performing such work should inspire confidence, have good recommendations from your friends, or at least work in a decent beauty parlor. The fact is that this procedure involves safety and absolute hygiene – from sterility of instruments to the experience of the master.

When signing up for a service, ask in advance how it will go: the cosmetic material for hair removal / depilation must be of high quality and used once (this applies to wax), are there any necessary preparations for disinfection, in the end, talk with the master – can you trust him intimate area of ​​your body.

Typically, salons offer a combined option. First, the extra length is removed – for this, an intimate haircut trimmer is used. This is a miniature clipper, it can be of different widths, depending on the chosen shape. Then, waxes are removed between the buttocks, around the genitals (optional), in the groin.

The rest of the hair is either dyed in some interesting color – peach, raspberry, chocolate – or leave a natural shade. And they give this area a clear shape. On the line of the selected pattern, the hairs are removed with tweezers, sometimes they are trimmed.

Then, the entire area is wiped with an alcohol-containing disinfector and lubricated with a softening cream. This completes the procedure, and you can enjoy the beauty for about 2 weeks!

How to choose a type of female intimate haircut

This is a specific form that you want to give to the hair remaining after hair removal (or shaving).

The most popular species have a simple form:

vertical strip (the width is selected individually, according to the type of figure or desire);

triangle base up;


sign of lightning;

torch shape (called New York by professionals);

heart of different sizes;

for fun, they cut out the face of Mickey Mouse or a hipster mustache.

There are many variations on the topic of these types, and a master with an artistic taste and a professional tool can create a complex drawing, a real masterpiece – from the silhouettes of animals to a scattering of stars.

Usually for simple forms use the so-called intimate cliches. The contour of the future drawing is cut out on paper, then it is applied to the selected place and the skin is transferred with a cosmetic pencil. Experienced craftsmen practically do not use a stencil, but at home you can not do without it.

You can create stencils yourself or print from the Internet, most importantly, if you take the procedure yourself, don’t be tempted by complex pictures, choose something simple and effective, for example, a zipper.

Female intimate haircut at home

As we have already said, you can learn and regularly carry out the procedure yourself at home. First read more articles on this topic to feel confident, like a beautician. Prepare tools and a stencil, take a shower and proceed.

You will need: 

  • disinfectant liquid (alcohol can be used);
  • skin tonic;
  • talc;
  • manicure scissors;
  • tweezers for removing hairs;
  • bikini trimmer;
  • wax for hair removal and napkins to it or
  • good blade razor.

Sanitize metal tools, hands and trimmer. Wipe the skin and hair with a tonic to remove the remnants of the shower gel and sebum. Trim trimmer areas, dust with talcum powder, remove length as desired.

Process the area of ​​hair removal with wax, carefully remove its remains with a special oil towel. Wipe the same places with a tonic to degrease the skin.

Transfer the silhouette from the stencil with an eyeliner to the body, then use a thin trimmer and tweezers to shape. To check the symmetry, look at the result in the mirror – the reflection will show flaws that can be easily fixed with the same tweezers.

When the skin calms down after hair removal, you can add staining with special paint. This is usually possible the very next day, although in the cabin you would have been painted immediately. Done, admire the result!

Maintain hygiene, as usual, and you can adjust the intimate haircut as the hair grows – once every two to three weeks. Of course, if you want to change the pattern, you have to wait a little longer, shaving the bikini area clean and growing hairs at least half a centimeter.

Such a spectacular move will surely give you self-confidence and make you even more feminine and attractive.!