How to get rid of wen on the face: safe ways

Nevertheless, if a wen appears on the visible part of the body, especially on the face, you want to get rid of it immediately. The causes of the occurrence are still poorly understood. Scientists suggest a lack of certain enzymes in the body, traditional medicine associates their appearance with malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

What is a wen?

It is known that lipoma is a benign tumor that affects loose connective tissue. These are accumulations of subcutaneous fat that appear in unusual places: for example, on the back, shoulder, outer thighs, arms, head or face. Zhiroviki can occur on internal organs.


Initially, a wen is a small subcutaneous ball, soft and supple to the touch, resembling an enlarged lymph node. The only danger coming from lipoma is associated with attempts to independently get rid of wen on the face or any other part of the body at home, trying to squeeze or puncture. Its appearance is not accompanied by an increase in body temperature, it does not contain pus, does not hurt, does not become inflamed.

How can I remove wen on the face?

Do not try to get rid of the lipoma yourself, if any suspicious neoplasm is detected on the body, you should definitely consult your doctor. Only professional diagnostics will help determine the type of benign tumor reliably. It is difficult for a non-specialist to distinguish a lipoma from a cyst like atheroma, hygroma or an enlarged lymph node.

In no case do not open the wen on the face or on another part of the body. Getting rid of lipoma in this way, you can bring the infection into the internal tissues, which is fraught with suppuration. Seek help from a cosmetologist or cosmetic surgeon. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to get rid of lipoma.


Small wen in modern clinics are removed using a laser under local anesthesia. In this case, you do not need to shave off the hair on the affected area, this procedure takes place quickly, within 15 minutes, and painlessly. As a rule, there are no scars and marks during laser processing..

A more familiar way to get rid of a lipoma is the husking (enucleation) of a wen, which is performed by a surgeon. The skin is carefully dissected and the tumor is carefully squeezed out.

Sometimes the lipoma has a spilled, cluster-like shape, reaching large sizes. In such cases, they carry out full-fledged surgical operations to remove body fat under general anesthesia with suturing.

Is it worth it to remove a lipoma? Of course, it is better to get rid of a wen if it is located on the face or other open areas. If the doctor has confirmed that the education is benign and it does not bother you – just observation.