How to get rid of cellulite by rubbing with a brush

Cellulite – this is one of the most frequent disappointments of women with their body – deprives us of attractiveness and self-confidence when it comes to exposing some parts of the figure.

The swimsuit leaves no chance to cover the bumpy skin on the hips, short tops and low-waist jeans expose the imperfection of the abdomen lines, and even an ordinary shirt can become an unloved item of clothing if cellulite appears on the hands.

Over the years, we have not noticed how this process begins, but we are horrified to see an “orange peel” in the mirror, and we hasten to find the fastest and most reliable way to get rid of cellulite.

Alas, what accumulated over several years cannot be driven away in a few days, no matter what means you have. But an active and persistent fight against this cosmetic defect can significantly improve and even save you from the problem..

This will take some time, it all depends on the stage of cellulite and on your zeal. If you follow a diet and regular exercises that improve your body from the inside, caring home treatments will give the desired result in 1 month.

Massage or pilling? Both!

If you are still considering how to get rid of cellulite at home, and have not decided on the answer, we suggest you try the most effective and economical method – rubbing.

To remove cellulite, several targeted actions are required at once:

  • smooth out the “orange peel”, tubercles and dents on the skin;
  • increase blood flow to the affected areas;
  • remove toxins accumulated in the skin cells due to stagnation of blood and lymph;
  • regularly exfoliate the skin for greater elasticity.

The last point is especially important if you use cellulite cream, do body wraps with coffee or healing mud, etc. The fact is that not exfoliated dead cells of the epidermis make the skin of the body “impenetrable” for cosmetics, which greatly complicates the fight against cellulite.

Therefore, it is extremely important to always maintain the freshness of the skin with a scrub, peeling or at least a rough washcloth..

The remaining items are easy to follow, success depends on perseverance and daily repetitive actions. Self-massage in the shower or immediately after it perfectly copes with all these tasks.

There is a method that combines pilling and anti-cellulite massage – this is rubbing the skin of problem areas with a special brush. By treating the skin in the shower with it, it is possible to reduce the manifestations of cellulite by 20% in 10 days.

So, in more detail, what is needed for this?

Choose a cellulite brush

The requirements are as follows:

  • natural (bristle) or artificial hypoallergenic;
  • quite fluffy – these are bundles of at least 4 mm;
  • minimum bristle length 2 cm;
  • fits well in palm;
  • there is a pen or strap so that it does not slip;
  • and most importantly – the soft tips of the bristles.

An ideal brush for grinding – medium hardness, with flexible nap. When used, it causes redness on the skin from 5–6 intense sliding movements.

Getting to rubbing

Your task is to do a course of rubbing daily for 25-30 days. You are not required to grind constantly, but you can repeat the course of procedures after 3 months to maintain the anti-cellulite effect.

Later you can switch to wraps or other skin care of your choice, the main thing is to rub the problem areas for a month.

Going to the shower, grab a brush, your favorite shower gel and body cream. Steam the brush under hot running water.

Rub well-washed skin with sliding movements to the account:

  • from knees to hips 30 times on each leg;
  • in circular motions on the buttocks 50 times on each side;
  • stomach and waist with upward strokes 50 times;
  • from elbows to shoulders 30 times on each arm.

A signal of a job well done will be intense redness and tingling on the skin. If you are already desperate how to remove cellulite on your hands, where he often doesn’t want to leave, take two approaches for your hands with a short pause so that the skin “cools down”.

Rinse off the foam and direct a jet of cold water to the treated area for 1 minute.

Unlike pilling with a dry brush, anti-cellulite rubbing should be done on soap suds, otherwise you will not be able to strengthen the circulation of tissues deep under the dermis.

Restore skin hydration

The first time your skin becomes very smooth, as if polished. After such grinding, many people apply cream for tanning with pleasure – it lays very smoothly and lasts a long time.

Immediately after grinding, it is necessary to moisturize the skin – this protects it from the formation of microcracks and accelerates healthy recovery processes..

Rubbing is a fairly strong effect, which ideally should literally break up the fat layer and increase blood circulation. However, the skin needs support, otherwise unpleasant sensations may occur – burning, dryness, feeling of tightness.

Apply body cream or cosmetic oil as thick as your skin can absorb them. Some women have successfully used ordinary olive oil (refined) for this. Depending on preferences, it can be grape seed oil, wheat germ, sesame, cocoa butter.

If you are not a fan of body oil, a nourishing baby cream is also suitable – try it, maybe this is your option.

Good advice on how to get rid of cellulite on the priest – use after stretching cream for stretch marks. Although these are two different problems, a lot of ceramides are often present in the composition of creams for stretch marks for intensive skin restoration. This is what you need after a good grinding, and the effect will be achieved faster.

Naturally, you will not need any scrubs during the grinding course. Watch your skin: when dry and sensitive, lubricate certain areas twice a day.

We observe moderation

During rubbing in the soul, act vigorously, but do not overdo it. The specified number of brush strokes is best suited for its purpose – to increase blood circulation. Brushing too much pressure or rubbing for too long will only hurt. Be persistent, but gentle – this is your favorite body!

Rubbing should not be done immediately after visiting a tanning bed or relaxing on the beach, otherwise you risk injuring your skin, it may even raise the temperature.

If there are abrasions or cuts on the legs or arms, carefully circumvent them, as well as moles and papillomas.

There are a number of contraindications for rubbing with a brush:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • skin allergy;
  • rash of various origins;
  • fever;
  • violent immune reaction (usually massage is also contraindicated for such people).

Be especially gentle when rubbing your stomach – massage is good for the intestines, but heating is too intense not healthy for internal genital organs.

It is interesting that the procedure produces a strong invigorating effect, so do not do it immediately before bedtime, it is better an hour before it or in the morning.